CTO Assessment for Growth

CTO Assessment for Growth

Access expert help to advance your skills and fit as a CTO.

On-demand assessment for CTO self-improvement 

Success as CTO (chief technology officer) requires taking a holistic view of an organization, its challenges and technology. Many CTOs find staying up to date one of the most time-consuming aspects of the job, and some acknowledge that knowing where to focus can be a challenge. Our experts conduct structured interviews with you to deliver actionable assessments that inform your self-education by drilling down into competencies and gaps. 

CTO Assessment for Growth

  1. Assessment Kickoff Meeting

    The goal of the Assessment Kickoff meeting is to understand the client’s recruitment goals, the business context and the expectations for the CTO role. We seek to understand the specific context of the role, whether we will talk to one candidate or several, whether it is a new hire at a startup or a replacement for a previous incumbent. We’ll also discuss the assessment process and the format and schedule the interview process. This meeting will last 1 hour. 

  2. Skills Assessment Interview

    Our assessment survey covers more than 50 topics, probing for knowledge and problem-solving skills. Pentalog’s assessment tool distills industry best practices and decades of experience. The assessment report is shared with the assessed person. The assessment interview may last up to 3 hours.

  3. CTO Learning Recommendations

    Successful CTOs generally have open minds and are eager to learn. Based on our assessment observations, we’ll provide recommendations to each interviewee, which may be used as part of future self-learning or mentoring. Even highly experienced professionals may benefit from by gaining knowledge on key topics. Additional resources may include articles, books, e-learning courses and more.  

  4. Assessment Review Meeting

    After sharing our assessment reports for initial review, we conduct an Assessment Review Meeting with the client to close the process. During this 1-hour meeting, we review in detail the key finding and present any additional feedback we’ve gained about the fit of each candidate, anchoring our feedback in the stated goals for making the hire.