Product Innovation

Product Innovation for Market Fit

A product can’t grow until it achieves market fit. Pentalog offers a 4-step framework to help innovators reach PMF and de-risk new endeavors in an increasingly complex world.

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Innovation Sprint


Design Sprint




Soft Agile


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Innovation Sprint

Uncover transformative opportunities with systems thinking

Working in a compressed sprint format, our experienced facilitators guide your team through a workshop designed to help them “think differently” about your environment. Delineate system boundaries, specify problematic situations, map relationships, understand the dynamics, and explore various perspectives to come up with disruptive innovation and potential new sources of revenue.

Facilitate emergence

Design Sprint

Unleash disruptive innovation in just 4 days with rapid prototyping

The Design Sprint is a rapid prototyping method that engages real users to answer problematic business situations, create new products, or improve existing ones in just 4 days. Our experienced facilitators guide your team through the process of prototyping a product or feature and testing with target customers. This helps validate a value proposition without spending the development budget and delivers faster insights about what users want with less risk.

De-risk innovation


Test your initial product-market fit

Building a Minimum Viable Product is the start of a product development effort in which learning is the primary objective. Delivery is deliberately scaled to allow the least amount of effort to yield the greatest insight into market viability. The goal is to build the essence of a tangible product so that customers can engage and display real behavior. The objective is to test retention, to reveal the sign of product-market fit.

Avoid over engineering

Soft Agile

Move fast to respond to change and increase your options

Soft Agile will help build a Beta version of your product. It understands that every business is a Complex Adaptive System. It recognizes the imperative necessity of listening to changes in your environment and adapting fast. It helps navigate the inherent uncertainty and complexity through continuous and parallel testing to facilitate emergence.