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Agile Training

Elevate team and organizational agility with customized training.

Agile Training Tailored to Your Goals

Companies may deploy agile training based on a previous assessment or for other reasons, in order to increase agile awareness and skills within a team or across an organization. Training can serve as a foundation for agile transformation and may involve a program tailored to a client's circumstances to elevate agile maturity. Topics covered may include agile mindset, Scrum and Kanban practices, as well as Product Ownership and collaboration tools.

Agile Training

  1. Learning Recommendations

    Depending on how participants are responding during training sessions, we can provide recommendations to help enhance what is learnt and help you take learning progress further. Additional resources are provided separately and may include articles, books, training sheets and mentorship, as well as e-learning courses and more.

  2. Training Implementation

    Training delivery schedules and methods can be shaped to suit your requirements. This includes the structure of the training, the agenda, format (remote or physical), duration, topics covered, confidentiality requirements and more.

  3. Feedback About the Group

    We provide clear, actionable feedback on the agility of the group, including their openness to integrate the agile values and practices. When we provide feedback, we focus on giving advice on participant strengths, so your company knows who may be best suited to support an agile transformation in each role.

  4. Attendance Sheet

    The attendance sheet will contain the list of participants and individual feedback from each of them about the value of the sessions.

  5. Presentation Materials

    We share with your team all the materials that have been used during the training, including presentations, videos, links, etc. so you can refer back to the key takeaways at any time.