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Agile Team

Bring product ideas to life by engaging a software delivery team.

Agile Sprints to Deliver and Scale Your Ideas

With an agile team, clients access world-class engineering and digital skills as well as the methodologies needed to efficiently test and scale ideas. Our collaboration expertise accelerates velocity with time-tested rules to foster alignment and promote value delivery. Agile teams include developers and testers and also roles such as scrum master and product owner, and possibly other digital skills such as DevOps, Security Engineering or UX/UI Design.

Agile Team

  1. Team Efficiency Management

    To boost team efficiency, we take a flexible approach focused on delivering the results you want. Our experts will work with you to develop a tailored methodology that provides support where you need it, focusing on their highest-value work, continuously improving delivery over time.

  2. Flow Optimization Over Time

    Before putting plans in action, we will fully define the project process, including implementation steps to be followed, the agreed definitions of success and what security requirements must be met. This ensures everyone involved has all the information they need and your project can run smoothly from inception to completion, by continuously optimizing the delivery workflow.

  3. Services Governance

    A Project Director will oversee our involvement with your project, collaborating closely with you to make sure we understand and meet your expectations. Your Project Director will stay in constant contact, to make sure you are clear on how we are delivering against what has been promised, as well as:
    • Propose suitable services based on your needs
    • Make sure rules are understood by all sides and implemented
    • Support decision making and risk management by providing guidance in the implementation of industry best practices
    • Manage the decision making process, track the agreed plan, prepare for and manage steering committees
    • Ensure agreed elements are well defined in the contract, collaboration framework and guarantee implementation
    • Help predict upcoming needs and manage expectations
  4. Skills Management

    We will match you with the people in possession of the right skills to meet your team's specific needs and goals.


  5. HR Management

    We go much further than simply providing personnel. We also take care of People Pulse Management while our people are with you, a management technique that helps to measure team mood - to ensure high levels of productivity and a safe work environment.

    When you choose to partner with Pentalog, you will have full visibility of this process and we will work together to understand how every HR decision affects the team as a whole.