Oracle Studio

Oracle Studio

Empower your entire value chain.

Simplify, accelerate, and drive value.

Today's market evolutions demand that companies reinvent themselves. Utilizing Oracle's cutting-edge applications, Cloud platforms, and latest technologies helps transform your end-to-end value chain.

Our experience in transforming international businesses combines consulting, AI and ML-based process transformation, change management, and Agile methodologies to ensure revenue stream, cost reduction, and operational optimization.

Oracle Studio

  1. The Cloud transformation

    Accelerate Cloud adoption to supercharge your results.

    In collaboration with your teams, our experts design, implement the roadmap, and continuously evolve it to deliver value. Harness the power of Oracle Cloud and JD Edwards applications throughout the lifecycle with Oracle PaaS and OCI IaaS.

  2. A global business model

    Leveraging our experience in global business models, such as merger and acquisition/divestiture operations, we assist our clients in harmonizing and consolidating their processes, applications, and data.

    Our expertise in global deployments relies on the optimized use of Oracle solutions to gain transparency and enhance the company's agility and analytical capabilities.

  3. Value Chain Transformation with Navigate

    Navigate strengthens the Process Intelligence of Oracle applications to control, assess, and leverage process optimization opportunities across the entire business, from finance to the supply chain, encompassing both customer and employee experiences.

  4. Advanced Analytics for Oracle

    Accelerate digital transformation and process innovation through predictive and real-time decision-making.

    Our advanced analytics and machine learning solutions are built on next-generation technologies using Oracle PaaS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, speeding up application integration and extension.

  5. Energize JDE

    Upgrade and advance JD Edwards towards PaaS Cloud implementations and OCI IaaS for increased scalability, security, and sustainability.

    Automate your workflows and integrations with JDE Orchestrator, enhancing productivity and user experience with JDE UX, UDO, and mobile solutions.