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CTO Mentoring

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CTO Mentoring

  1. Person Centric

    You will have full attention to your issues, no theory. We will analyze your specific case and find together not only the roots of your challenge, but also define guidelines and tools for solving it.

  2. Skills Assessment Interview

    Our assessment survey covers more than 50 topics, probing for knowledge and problem-solving skills. Pentalog’s assessment tool distills industry best practices and decades of experience. The assessment report is shared with the assessed person. The assessment interview may last up to 3 hours.

  3. CTO Learning Recommendations

    Successful CTOs generally have open minds and are eager to learn. Based on our assessment observations, we’ll provide recommendations to each interviewee, which may be used as part of future self-learning or mentoring. Even highly experienced professionals may benefit from by gaining knowledge on key topics. Additional resources may include articles, books, e-learning courses and more.  

  4. Mentoring Goal

    There is a dramatic difference in the progress made when there is a focus on an improvement goal. The goal represents the expected outcome of the mentorship. Having a well-defined expected outcome helps the mentee to better channel their efforts.

    The goal takes into account the results of the assessment and the challenges given by the mentee's context. There could be a different goal per session, but usually a goal spans over multiple sessions. The mentorship program should work on a goal that seems realistic for the mentee to accomplish in 5 to 6 months.

  5. Immediate Action

    The method applied during a CTO mentoring program goes beyond content and brings motivation to action. It is 100% practice-focused. It uses tools that encourage real-life exercise and provides resources for immediate application.