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Innovation Studio Team

Test hypotheses quickly to validate a technology, increase revenue for an existing product, or improve your operational efficiency.

Lower your investment risks through rapid tests carried out with your users, combining technical expertise with economic interest.

To achieve this objective, Innovation Studio relies on the Lean Startup approach:
Build > Measure & Learn > Iterate.

Build: Depending on the hypothesis to be validated, Pentalog teams construct just what is needed to quickly bring the product to market and gather initial user feedback.

Measure & Learn: Data is analyzed to identify areas for product improvement.

Iterate: For continuous product improvement, the tests are repeated with constantly
enriched data.

With Innovation Studio, get control of your investment risks by crafting a product that evolves with the market.

Innovation Studio workshops can take place in your offices, at Pentalog's offices, or remotely.

Innovation Studio Team

  1. Identification of your goals and environmental study

    To start, we identify your goals, which can include:

    1. Developing a new product and achieving Product-Market Fit as quickly as possible.
    2. Enhancing an existing product to increase generated revenue or revive its growth.
    3. Optimizing your organization to reduce expenses and improve operational margin.
    4. Improving the customer experience and increasing the product's value.


    Pentalog teams conduct a thorough analysis of both the environment and your users' needs.

    They share the results with you, including technological recommendations and an analysis of your environment to reduce your investment risks.

  2. Ideation and prototyping

    Based on the defined goals, the size and composition of the Pentalog Innovation Studio team is adapted to provide the initial prototypes.

    For example, the team may consist of:

    • 1 Product Owner
    • 1 Product Designer
    • Data specialists
    • Specialists in cutting-edge technologies (AI, VR/AR, Blockchain, low-code / no-code, etc.)
    • Developers


    Depending on the hypothesis to be tested, the prototype can take the form of a minimum viable product (MVP), an interactive mockup, or a technical proof of concept (POC).

    This prototype gives participants a realistic and interactive preview of the product. It also helps determine technical feasibility and gather initial user feedback.

  3. Refinement and iteration

    User feedback is measured and analyzed to adapt and refine the product. Short iterative loops - characteristic of the Lean Startup approach - enable faster achievement of Product-Market Fit.

    Through Innovation Studio, you can validate the levels of user interest in, and the economic viability and technical feasibility of the product, making it easier to convince investors or internal stakeholders to allocate a budget.

    No downtime in innovation: once the product is launched, the Innovation Studio team continues to gather user feedback and monitor the environment to improve the product.