Process Optimization Studio

Process Optimization Studio

Technology empowering productivity.

Transformation occurs when process expertise meets technology.

In an ever-evolving market, businesses seek to make their operations more efficient, adaptable, and resilient to increase their ROI.

Through technology, our clients achieve efficiency gains. We mitigate risks by being proactive in preparing operations for uncertain events.

Business reinvention starts with work at the core, focusing on optimizing operations and processes, readying our clients for transformation.

Process Optimization Studio

  1. Navigate

    AI-driven decision-making platform, Navigate relies on cutting-edge technologies to create a digital twin of your business.

    By integrating Process Mining, Data Science, and Machine Learning solutions, Navigate enables you to analyze organizational efficiency, measure productivity, monitor lead times, and anticipate challenges.

    This information translates into streamlined decision-making and the ability to swiftly address business issues.

  2. MAIDA

    Artificial intelligence platform, MAIDA combines innovation and new technologies for Application Management Services (AMS).

    As an AMS platform, MAIDA enhances traditional services with features including real-time KPIs and a virtual assistant responsible for continuous improvement.

  3. Process Mining

    Process Mining combines Process Management and Data Science to translate how processes are executed into data.

    Based on transactional information from their source system, companies can discover, monitor, and optimize their business processes.

  4. Intelligent Automation

    Intelligent automation aims to enhance productivity by relieving employees of tedious tasks.

    Smart bots interact with computer systems to replicate an individual's work.

    We collaborate with the enterprise to implement tools, methodologies, and technologies that automate standard processes while driving fundamental change.

  5. Atlassian

    We combine the power of Atlassian with our Agile expertise to accelerate productivity, streamline collaboration, and reinvent business practices.

    As a partner, we assist companies in gaining agility and unlocking their teams' full potential through a wide range of Atlassian services.