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How to fail your IaaS cloud migration in 5 steps


Outsourcing your infrastructure in cloud computing (IaaS – Cloud) is no longer a question, but the solution you need to reduce the period necessary for implementing new resources, as well as the requirements in terms of high-quality technical skills, to limit overinvestment, and to support experiments at a low cost. Using these resources automatically implies new needs: in order for your entire IT system to benefit from them, a migration is necessary.

Read below what you should better avoid for driving the success of your migration.

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Forgetting to take into account the users’ needs

Migration is a stage of change behavior, meaning that you have to pay attention to the constraints of the entities using the services to be migrated. These constraints must be taken into account to identify the expected services and the related requirements (downtime, security, scalability, etc.). Migration requirements such as unavailability downtimes, backup plan, etc. should thus also be considered.

What can you do to better grasp the users’ needs? Urbanize your infrastructure and services and listen to your users more often.

Not measuring the bandwidth need

Following the outsourcing of your services (Infrastructure, Platform, Application), using these external resources requires a higher availability of or Internet access but also increased bandwidth.

Before the migration phase, you have to be familiar with the bandwidth usage to ensure its availability. During service migration, you have to determine the impact on bandwidth usage. More generally, you have to anticipate almost up to 1Mbps per user. This value should also be adjusted according to the outsourced services.

Trying to organize the research and migration on your own

The migration of services towards one or various cloud operators needs prior preparation in order to ensure that indirect migration requirements are dully taken into account. Preparing the migration plan, measuring bandwidth availability, organizing data backup, etc. are operations that need to be quickly implemented to ensure migration within the best deadlines. This project is sensitive. If it lasts too much, you may risk mobilizing resources that impact your ROI.

I thus recommend you to ask for assistance to perform the migration in the best conditions.

Thinking that outsourcing does not require follow-up

Service migration alone is not an end in itself. It must take place within reasonable deadlines but a transparent internal management requires follow-up and steering with one or various cloud computing operators. In other words, you should define, immediately after choosing your operator, the follow-up and steering needs. Your operator/partner is actually involved in the processing of the hosted personal data, regular exchanges allowing you to maintain a permanent communication based on mutual trust. A special attention must be paid to the evolution of consumption, and thus, to the budget. Additional consumption can quickly turn into a large amount without connection whatsoever to the new values.

Confusing infrastructure and service continuity

The migration of services towards a cloud computing operator must be fully justified (reduction of hidden costs, infrastructure robustness and continuity, etc.). Infrastructure services are reliable and redundant at all levels. If infrastructure reliability is acknowledged, this doesn’t necessarily imply that services are 100% available. We recommend you to also consider implementing a supervision service during your working time interval. Outsourcing your online sales worldwide will soon require a 24/7 supervision. This will allow you to quickly react to incidents and keep your collaborators, clients and partners satisfied.

Pentalog relies on its own infrastructure to offer highly available solutions meeting various needs: virtual private cloud, outsourced backup, robust cluster, scalable infrastructure, etc.

Moreover, Pentalog can help you define your cloud infrastructure needs, as well as select the perfect cloud computing operator for you.


Pentalog provides cloud computing services to startups, software publishers and digital businesses. We are currently supporting EasyFlyer (Cimpress group), Parqueteurs de France, and many others with Cloud migration projects:

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