Les Parqueteurs De France

Pentalog moves les Parqueteurs de France to the cloud

Client location Argenteuil, France

Business area Manufacturing

Product Infrastructure

Delivery center Brasov, Romania

Project type Cloud

About the client

As can be guessed by the company’s name, Les Parqueteurs de France provides all the services you can imagine related to parquet: installation, removal, repair, and more. They also offer the same scope of service for wall covering. Beginning as a small family company in 1976, they now have 5 offices spread all over the country. Since 2000 they have laid down several millions m2 of parquet.


The challenge

What can a parquet company do when all 5 of their offices are having trouble with applications that are necessary for running their business? Les Parqueteurs de France was in this exact situation, constantly pestered by IT problems that slowed down their operations. To resolve this, they partnered up with Pentalog for a cloud and IT support solution.

The client’s IT infrastructure lacked centralization, which made it difficult to respond to technical problems, especially when their offices are spread all over the country. Les Parqueteurs de France use multiple apps every day to operate the company.

Technical problems in all of these apps, as well as frequent internet connection problems hindered business operations and every problem had to be addressed individually in each office. Overall, the main challenge was to find a way to centralize both their technology and IT support system.

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The solution

The solution was to call in Pentalog to centralize IT operations for all 5 offices of Les Parqueters de France by hosting all of their data and applications on a virtual server, based in our Paris datacenter.

Pentalog took care of everything -  from installing new routers and other hardware in all 5 of the client’s offices, to setting up the virtual server, and finally to transferring and hosting the client’s applications and data.

The results

Employees of Les Parqueteurs de France now have accounts they use to log into the cloud server with a remote desktop connection. The cloud solution also includes monitoring services by Pentalog. With one virtual server hosting the entire company, Pentalog experts can quickly implement fixes in all 5 offices at the same time.

The client is pleased with this new IT infrastructure setup, overall their office operations have begun to run more efficiently as they are no longer pestered by IT problems. If they ever need to ask a question or report a problem, they can easily contact Pentalog and expect a swift response. Their data is also backed upso the client can continue with their business operations unhindered and worry-free.

Daniel Radu
Customer Success Manager

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