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What are you waiting for? Work with a Freelance Developer!

Vincent de Jonghe
Vincent de Jonghe
Deputy CTO Pentalog Freelancers

Whether for a short-term project, long-term support or to cope with an emergency and meet the needs of your growing company, stay in the game by turning to a qualified Freelance Developer selected for you by Pentalog Freelancers.

Pentalog Freelancers is home to a private community of more than 400,000 freelance developers who specialize in a wide variety of technologies. Depending on your needs, they can develop, update, migrate or even troubleshoot your digital product to keep it performing and reaching its target.

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Stay in the game with IT freelancers

Do you have an idea for an app, but don’t know how to bring it to life? Does your website need a redesign to perform better and hit your targets? Want to get to know your users better to improve their experience on your platform?


Stay one step ahead of your competitors and be the leader in your market – turn your projects over to a team of talented Freelance Developers. Immediate availability, niche technical skills, flexibility and easier recruitment are just a few of the advantages of working with freelancers whether you are a start-up, an SME or a large group.

Data Scientists, Front-End developers or even Full-Stack Developers – tell us about your project and we will work to find the freelance IT profiles that match your requirements to a t. The Pentalog freelancing community pool is diverse and large enough to find the right developers to meet your technical challenges, whether they relate to cybersecurity, IoT, e-commerce or health.

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Get Connected with In-Demand Freelance Developers

To develop your company and stay focused on your core business, leave your IT freelancing recruitment to Pentalog Freelancers Talent Acquisition Specialists who have the experience, expertise and savvy to choose the right people for you.

Over 450 start-ups and 7 unicorns to date have entrusted us with their candidate searches – the most sought after profiles being front-end developer, full stack developer and data scientist.

Does your website or app need a new look to recapture the attention of your audience? Hire a freelance Front-End Developer.

Working alongside UX/UI designers, their goal is to optimise the ergonomics and navigation of a website or app to make it as user friendly as possible. They also interacting regularly with back-end developers to organise the APIs they wish to develop.

JavaScript is their forte, as well as the React and Angular frameworks. A freelance Front-End Developer can add another string to their bow with the mastery of HTML/CSS and their corresponding Jasmine or Karma frameworks.

Full-Stack Developers are highly sought after because they are comfortable with both the front and back-end of applications. Like their name suggests, full-stack developers can work on all levels of the tech stack. They are experts in all aspects of a project and can work autonomously.

The skills of the freelance Full-Stack Developer can vary depending on whether the task is web or software-based. They should ideally have demonstrated knowledge of Bootstrap, Node.js, JQuery and PHP (among others), as well as essential languages like C+, Django and Python.

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Data Scientists play a key role in a company’s strategy, because they help with decision-making based on data analysis. Data are collected, stored, processed and then reproduced according to models and algorithms they designed. On the technical side, they should be comfortable with analytical tools, programming languages, statistics and linear algebra. Moreover, freelance Data Scientists must also be creative in conceptualizing and designing new analysis models.


Certified Skills for your Digital Project

Each recruitment request is handled by a Pentalog Talent Acquisition Specialist, who will start by browsing our talent pool before preselecting profiles likely to match your objectives. They go through a series of technical evaluations on the platform, with +1,000 IT tests (quiz and coding) covering +160 technical skills. Automated evaluations save recruitment time by testing more candidates simultaneously. At the end of the tests, the Talent Acquisition Specialist will see the details of the candidates’ answers, response time and the number of exits from the test.


Personalized Recruitment

The validation of technical skills can be followed by a technical validation interview. A Pentalog Talent Acquisition Specialist will evaluate candidates’ ability to work on a team (agility, Git management), their predisposition to good practices or even check their technical problem-solving skills through a test case.


Talent Acquisition Specialist – An intermediary between the IT freelancer and you

Once you’ve found the right person and they’ve gotten started on your project, your support from Pentalog Freelancers is far from over. A Pentalog Talent Acquisition Specialist will then collect all the information about the project to create specifications (or user stories in case of an Agile methodology), which will be given to the freelancer. Whether you have technical knowledge or not, a Talent Acquisition Specialist will take care of translating your needs to the freelancer, who has all the tools to start the mission right away.

Paying for groceries with your smartphone, programming the car temperature, starting the washing machine remotely or unlocking the front door from your smartphone – there are plenty of examples to show how digital technology has infiltrated all aspects of everyday life.

Smartphones control nearly everything and the world is just a click away, which means it is difficult for companies to design their development strategy without digital technology. Pentalog helps you turn the digital corner and increase your growth, while controlling your budget and time-to-market.


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