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Pentalog Freelancers' Full-Stack developers function as a self-contained unit, able to create, develop and maintain different types of apps.

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Freelance Full-stack Developers - Validated by a Talent Acquisition Specialist

At Pentalog Freelancers, we offer full-stack web and mobile development, screening candidates for proficiency in mobile and/or web development through our testing platform featuring over 1,000 technical assessments. When you work with us to find full-stack developer talent, you’ll need to specify whether your project is for a web or mobile application. Our freelance full-stack developers have mastered top-of-market front-end and back-end technologies and programming languages used to create both mobile and web apps.

Technologies that our freelance full stack developers have worked on in the past include:


  • CSS preprocessors like Sass or LESS
  • JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, React, or Ember, etc., or Grunt, Gulp, and Bower
  • Web basics like HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • AJAX
  • Front-End (CSS) frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap
  • Libraries like jQuery or Backbone.js


  • Database technologies like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB.
  • API design and development
  • RESTful Services
  • Web basics like HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Frameworks for server languages like Express.js, Ruby on Rails, CakePHP, etc.
  • Web server technologies like Node.js, J2EE, Apache, Nginx, ISS, etc.
  • Server languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, .NET

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Given the difficulty in finding full stack developers who match your company’s needs, our Talent Acquisition Specialists manually select from a base of more than 40,000 Freelance developers certified by one of our technical tests. This way, the best candidates for your product are matched to your company, after which we brief each party on project requirements. Pentalog Freelancers ensures you get a strategic partner able to understand the technical and business challenges of your project.

If you’re already working with full-stack developers and want to evaluate them technically, SkillValue offers you a list of free, ready-to-use full-stack skill tests. With a platform of more than 1,000 technical evaluation tests (coding exercises, quizzes, and hackathons online), SkillValue is able to evaluate any set of hard & soft technical skills, enabling companies to choose developers best for their projects. At £365/day, choosing the right or wrong developer can make or break your project.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Expert Freelance Full Stack Developers?

Level of experience TJM freelance Full-Stack developer
0-2 years £240
2-4 years £317
4-7 years £391
7+ years £687