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At Pentalog Freelancers, we select skilled Data Scientists for assignments and projects of any length or complexity.

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100% of Our Freelance Data Scientists Are Selected by Our Talent Acquisition Specialists

At Pentalog Freelancers, we offer freelance Data Science talent sourced, assessed and evaluated by our team of Talent Acquisition Specialists prior to joining the Pentalog Freelancers community.

How We Do It

A clear vision of your challenges and expectations is the foremost requirement of any freelance project. We assign an experienced Talent Acquisition Specialist to help you accurately define project requirements, guide initial conversations, and identify the best skillsets to build your project.

Then, our Talent Acquisition Specialist tests a shortlist of candidates for technical skills and soft skills. Data Scientists pass interviews where technical knowledge in areas such as coding, Big Data, Machine Learning, AI or Data Visualization. They also look for abilities like teamwork, adaptability or cultural sensitivity.

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Only Certified Freelance Data Scientists

To ensure the freelance Data Scientist you decide to work with will be a perfect match with your expectations, we have developed a range of quizzes and coding exercises designed to assess Data Science skillsets of any level, from beginner to expert.

Our proprietary 1,000-test platform screens candidates not only based on fitness for a task, but also on fit with your business. The tests available cover technologies and tools such as: Scala, Spark, AWS, Python and more.

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Our Data Scientists use the latest in data analytics and statistical modelling to predict the impact of outcomes, prices, and earnings on your business so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Whether you are involved in web development, mobile development, product management, marketing sales, design or data analysis, Pentalog Freelancers has the freelance Data Scientist with the skills to help drive your business to higher levels.

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Already work with freelance Data Scientists? We also offer a database of 1,000 ready-to-use skill assessment tests to make sure you’re training and working with the best. Put your test together on your own as a SmartQuiz or choose from one of ours.

How Much Does a Freelance Data Scientist Cost?

The remuneration demanded by a freelance Data Scientist will vary according to their technical skills, experience and profile. The Average Daily Rate (ADR) of a Data Scientist will be £350, with including a commission of 15%. To give you a general idea of the cost of hiring a freelance Data Scientist based on experience, the table below provides a useful starting point:

Level of experience ADR Freelance Data Scientist
0-2 years £294
2-7 years £490
7+ years £648