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We’ve Released a New Quiz for GDPR Knowledge Assessment

Cornel Fatulescu
Cornel Fatulescu
CTO for France and Germany at Globant

It’s been a long time since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on the 25th of May 2018, and still, we struggle. Trying to regulate a creative and heterogeneous industry is complex, as many expected and it’s safe to say that expanding knowledge in other critical areas of Software Product Development is hard. But going into regulatory compliance is even harder.

A few words from Logan, Pentalog’s CSO and DPO

GDPR is a fundamental concern nowadays because personal data is everywhere. We use our GDPR knowledge test to confirm that enough awareness and consideration exist. This confirmation is part of the echo we expect from our teams from all departments; a sign they prepared well enough to avoid decisions that would endanger the company, that they know how to identify GDPR risks and have confidence they follow the law.

Why a GDPR knowledge quiz? An analogy with Secured Product Development

I recall scaring everyone when I said security isn’t implicit knowledge for Developers. However, we analyzed this ten years ago when we took developers and put them in modern Secured Development training. Afterwards, they all gave the same feedback: I’ve learned so much. It was apparent how risky it is to assume developers are also security experts, and it continues to be obvious.

Then, a new species of engineers emerged, and we called them Security Engineers. If training in Secured Product Development is always welcomed, that training can’t replace the need for Security Engineers.

As we continue to shift activities, the more we learn. We say we need to integrate hard things early in the development pipeline. Twenty years ago, we put QA in teams, then Ops, then Sec, then Data, and now regulations. We are lucky that GDPR is not the largest body of knowledge, but it is a complex and essential framework to follow. Most of us would hate to add regulations to the very long cultural changes of DevSecDataRevFin, everything, Ops. Yet, the impact of GDPR is not anodyne. The architecture can’t be the same. How we roll out our products can’t be the same.

While we recognize the benefits of security training for Developers, security expertise is required. Like security, today, we recognize the benefits of ensuring everyone has basic GDPR knowledge. And this will not replace the need of your Privacy Officer or the need for GDPR expertise.

Knowing how much your teams know about GDPR is critical. Therefore, we use this GDPR knowledge test with our teams and offer it to our customers. This is not a test to certify experts in GDPR. This is a test to help everyone measure their general knowledge.

Why another version of the GDPR quiz?

Simple, because we learn from our users. The feedback we collected required important evolutions in the test, so we’ve updated the first version. Hopefully, you or your test subjects will appreciate these changes.

Who is it for?

Self-assessment for personal growth Assess your team (skills gap analysis) for team improvement Assessment for recruitment Check knowledge after GDPR awareness training Prepare before interview
HR Recruiter
People Manager
Scrum Master
Product Owner

GDPR self-assessment for CTOs

When talking about GDPR, CTOs are asking for help. First for themselves, as knowing where one stands against GDPR is not easy. Then, for their organizations as it’s difficult to tell how much everyone else has assimilated from the body of knowledge and if they really understand it.

In most of the CTO assessments, the CTO says GDPR is a weak spot (if not the weakest spot) and recommending sources to study, training, or guidance isn’t difficult. But how does a CTO know they have captured the requirements of GDPR?

Our answer: pass a 25-minute test! Search for GDPR among our tests and click on `login to take the test` (or create an account if you don’t have one). Or go here.

GDPR quiz

GDPR assessment for CISOs or DPOs
Our GDPR test will not help you in your personal growth as you are the people who should master GDPR better than everyone else. Maybe in time, we will create some GDPR assessments for the experts. Yet, you may still use the test during recruitment, team member integration, or when deploying GDPR awareness in your company.

GDPR assessment for Developers
You are responsible for incrementing software in ways that do not harm the company, and GDPR is not optional. You need to be confident that you know it well enough so that your active contributions through coding, system design, or features refinement are aligned with GDPR practices.

GDPR assessment for Scrum Masters or People Managers
These roles are not the same, but both implementations need a GDPR assessment for:

  • Integrating new team members
  • Checking knowledge acquisition after GDPR awareness sessions
  • Personal growth

Our GDPR test is relevant for every role acting as team enablers or managers or if you want to assess individual knowledge of it. Indeed, it would be strange to ask everyone else to have GDPR knowledge if you’re not following the example.

GDPR assessment for Pentalog Employees, Job Candidates and Freelancers
It’s not just about the statistical results during the interviews and assessments we conduct; the GDPR test has an essential impact in filtering out people in the Top 3.

GDPR assessment for Recruiters
Everyone should know or understand GDPR and why it is important; everyone who needs to collect and process data about European citizens, of course. If you are a tech recruiter, how do you know who knows what?

Use your subscription on our assessment platform or buy one to start using the test.

GDPR assessment

GDPR assessment to extend your LMS

We have dedicated the API and partners that extend their LMS and HR tooling with our assessments, so let us know if you’re interested. Contact us here!


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