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Pentalog Webinar: Technical Debt Explained, from Mitigation to Prevention

Vasile Putina
Vasile Putina
Chief Technology Officer

Keeping pace with the challenges of a fast-evolving market forces stakeholders and development teams to make poor technical decisions for which fixing often get pushed to a “Do It Later” list. But if you want to be efficient and deliver business value constantly, you are in charge of preventing technical debt.

Here, at Pentalog, we have set up an established way of monitoring the technical health of each IT project. We make sure to make long-term investments in software quality and keep a close eye on product value through every stage of its lifecycle.

Join our Solutions Architect at our next tech webinar on January 17th to learn more about how to approach technical debt and why you should care about managing it. Book your spot now!


What could tech teams and business owners do about it?

Technical debt is an issue that affects as much Development Teams as it has an impact on Business and Stakeholders. So, it is extremely important to get to the core of the problem and prioritize accordingly.

For those who are aware of their technical debt and have already tried various approaches to handle it, a good idea would be to think about conducting a thorough audit to identify which components have the most technical debt. And if you want to avoid it in the future, start implementing Agile methodologies that will help to better organize teams and prioritize development actions based on business value.

So, you have identified the problem and know a possible solution. What’s next?

technical debt - pentalog

This will be a live presentation, so you can send your questions to the speaker directly during the webinar and get valuable answers from the source. Register now!

Let’s further discuss technical debt and how to manage it

If you want to learn more ways to manage technical debt in an IT project, join us on January 17th at a webinar held by one of our Solutions Architects. Together with Catalin, you will dig deeper into the specific characteristics of technical debt, how to prioritize the issues that appear in the process, and take the necessary measures to prevent it.

Catalin will share his real-life experience and provide useful advice and recommendations to help mitigate and prevent technical debt. He will give answers to the following questions:

  • Why should you care?
  • What is technical debt?
  • Why does it appear?
  • How to mitigate technical debt?
  • How to prevent technical debt?

When: January 17th, Paris 4pm // London 3pm // Bucharest 5pm //
New York 10am // Mexico 9am

About the speaker

Catalin is an experienced Solutions Architect at Pentalog. He also has extensive experience as Consultant, Technical Lead and Software Developer for clients in various business sectors, with a focus on e-commerce companies and software publishers. His technical know-how covers a rich tech stack that includes PHP, Magento, DevOps & Amazon Web Services, and a passion for IT security & Artificial Intelligence.


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