Pentalog helps a client catch up on its

Technical debt

Client location New York, United States

Business area Digital advertising

Product Web Platform

Delivery center Bucharest, Romania

Project type Development

About the client

Our client is an online marketing platform that allows its users to merge creativity and data to create media campaigns across all channels (mobile, video, display). They help their clients gain knowledge about their audience and then give them the ability to use this information to place the right ads in front of the right people at the right time. Based in NYC, the company creates over 2.3 trillion impressions every year to audiences spread around 70 countries.


Technologies used

The challenge

What can a company do when bugs start to become a problem in one of its well-established products? Our client had this exact problem and decided to use Pentalog as an outside pair of eyes to analyze and then optimize their source code. With the help of a team of developers at our delivery centers in Bucharest and Brasov, the client was able to catch up on their technical debt and allow customers a smooth user experience.

Our client noticed that they had a problem with bugs through customer feedback as well as their own explorations. After working with Pentalog’s digital marketing and growth hacking team in NYC for years, they decided to also make use of Pentalog’s expertise in software development in order to catch up on their technical debt accumulated over a number years from working with an under-skilled third-party development team.

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technical debt

The solution

To ensure a smooth user experience, our client took on one full-stack developer from the Pentalog delivery center in Bucharest to look through its ExpressionEngine CMS codebase and fix any problems. After running a number of tests the Pentalog developer reported the technical debt was bigger than expected and the client decided to also take on a frontend developer and a tester in Brasov to revamp the code and eliminate all bugs.

The results

After performing part-time maintenance services over a period of months our developers were able to eliminate all bugs in the platform and refactor the code for easier maintenance. This resulted in a product free of technical debt and a satisfied customer and user base.

The client appreciated Pentalog’s efficiency and expertise, as well as our reactivity and flexibility. They were pleased enough by our service that in addition to the maintenance project they also decided to use Pentalog for a cloud hosting solution with a supervision package. The client never had to call on the use of our supervision services as our previous maintenance work resulted in a stable product.

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Emilian-Valentin Bordea
Customer Success Manager

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