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Technical Debt Explained: From Mitigation to Prevention

This webinar will help you better understand the concept of technical debt, how to detect it on time or prevent it from affecting your project.

The presentation includes examples from real case studies and useful recommendations about how to mitigate and prevent technical debt. You will dig into the core of technical debt and discover its specific characteristics.

The presenter of this event is Catalin, a Solutions Architect at Pentalog. His vast experience as Consultant, Technical Lead and Software Developer allows him to provide efficient architecture design and implementation solutions catering to multiple business areas. His technical know-how covers a rich tech stack that includes PHP, Magento, DevOps & Amazon Web Services.

This video will provide answers to the following questions:

Why should you care?

What is technical debt?

Why does it appear?

How to prevent technical debt?

How to manage technical debt?

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