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1000 Startups @pentalog Where are the World’s Best Coders? Fred’s Newsletter

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

1000 startups @pentalog!

While it won’t happen often in the newsletter, we feel we really need to mark the occasion!

We have officially surpassed the incredible milestone of having served 1000 companies by providing them with Technology Services and Growth Hacking!

And, this number doesn’t even include out HR SkillValue or Freelancing clients! This is more than what the world’s biggest accelerators achieve, with services that are usually less strategic and not long term focused.  Our clients are worldwide, served by our teams in New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Bucharest, Iasi, Brașov, Cluj, Chisinau, Hanoi and Guadalajara.

best developers - 1000 startups

1000 companies provided with Technology services and Growth Hacking!

To reach this milestone, we have achieved 16 consecutive profitable financial periods, all without the need for any outside capital. Pentalog continues to belong 100% to Pentaguys! And, that’s a joy that’s unparalleled.

Moving on from this self-promotion,  I would like to share three topics with you this week:

  • How to find the best devs in the world and where to locate more unsolicited pools of talent.  You’ll finally find out who the best engineers in the world are (and it’s all backed up with figures!)
  • Whether it’s useful or counter-productive, what does it matter?! GDPR is here and it’s going to add to the cost of your projects. Learn how to measure it and make it a constructive instrument for dialogue in the event of an audit.
  • Make your applications last longer by enhancing your sprints. Maintenance will never be the same again.


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#1. Where are the Best Developers in the World Based?

Ranking SkillValue top 1 developers

I’m not going to draw this out; US developers are good, but far from the best. So, where are the best developers based?

Data analysis carried out by SkillValue!

Check out our world IT ranking drawn up on test cases: US, EU, non-EU, North Africa and the rest of the world.


#2. The Facebook Affair & the GDPR. How Much is it all Going to Cost You?

I won’t go into detail about the possible repercussions following  misuse of personal data, but what’s really important for you to know is how to protect your clients from as much risk as possible when tackling a new project.

Learn about the impact of the GDPR on your development projects.

#3. Introduce UI in your maintenance sprints and increase your software life expectancy

user experience interface

After 9 years of agile practices, culminating in over 250 products completed last year, we’ve seen an increasing number of improvements in our initial practices.

I’ve already talked to you about agile governance and how we help our clients take huge steps forward, however we are also seeing another clear and extremely beneficial trend spring from this, namely extending sprints to new product areas outside of pure dev, such as UX/UI.

Build your Dedicated Team of Developers in Under 2 Weeks!

Do you want to kickstart your IT project off the ground?  Our dedicated full-stack development teams are wizards with web technologies, such as PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, JAVA, React, Angular, Vue.js and Node.js, and are highly experienced in developing web solutions, e-Commerce platforms, on-line booking applications and EdTech tools, to name just a few.

Check out our JAVA profiles (available soon) and contact us for a quote.


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