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Online assistance: an obvious fact which requires no supporting evidence!

Pierre Peutin
Pierre Peutin
Chief Data Officer and Accounting / Financial IT Systems Consultant

83% of consumers need assistance when buying online!This is the result of a survey conducted by Louhouse, which also states that 48% of these consumers don’t hesitate to appeal to competitors if they don’t receive a quick answer to their problem.It is true that, whereas it is easy to buy a pair of shoes or shop for everyday items online because in general we know well the products we want to buy, it is more complex to conclude a contract online, for instance, without having doubts concerning an option or anything else. It is precisely in this context that the online chat systems make sense. 100 times more enjoyable and efficient than the FAQ, these systems enable us to contact an operator without spending long minutes on hold, waiting to be put through to a call center operator sometimes at outrageous call costs. For instance, I found myself in a situation where the French mobile phone call center site crashed during the last stage of my order. What a pleasant surprise it was to see that a chat window was displayed and I was contacted by an operator who could confirm online that my case had finally been saved. Otherwise, I would have had to call a hotline, wait, say who I was, explain my problem in order to arrive at the same result at best, several dozen minutes later, or simply go elsewhere. I was annoyed to such an extent that initially I felt like doing that, and then the situation made me lose confidence. But in this particular case, the assistance provided enabled me to complete my purchase and, above all, to conclude it on a positive note.The Pentalog group has very well integrated this system and this is, among others, the reason why we have implemented an interactive chat tool on all our websites. You have certainly noticed for several weeks now that there is a small window in the lower right side of each Pentalog web page, displaying the picture of Sophie Lelarge and which offers you the possibility to answer all your questions online or a pop-up window in which you are offered assistance if you linger for some time on a page.It is a chat system which enables you to directly contact ePentalog, the Pentalog Group department in charge of strategic marketing and of the web tools. Behind this system there are operators who do their best to answer all your questions in French, English and German. Do you need further details regarding our development, maintenance or iPhone / Android application development offers? Would you like to listen to a presentation of our triple play business model or of our delivery centers? Click on the chat window and let the operator guide you!This solution has also been implemented on our service portal to guide you, to help you quickly find all our documents such as our price catalog, our white papers on offshore, software publishing or embedded systems or to leave a comment on a profile which has been offered to you.So, please feel free to ask us questions on your next visit to our website!

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