In just a few years, Android has become the first operating system used on mobile devices with 57% market share and 7 terminals out of 10 using this OS. Studies show that the mobile user using an Android system spends little to gain an application with free Google tools. However, they are much more responsive to requests than a mobile user on iOS or Windows!

Android Mobile Development

One of the defining features of application development on mobile phone or tablet running on Android is the necessary adaptation of an application to a growing number of screens. In this context, our designers and ergonomists offer you pragmatic designs compatible with most screens. This feature also leads to a more comprehensive testing phase so that the user experience is the same, regardless of the device and browser used.

Entrust us with the development of your Android application and our 30 mobility experts will Agilely turn your project into a real success!

A services offer that is 100% suited to your mobile digitization needs!

Availability, flexibility, security: your information system in the cloud

With Pentalog, you can now drastically reduce your costs by moving your IT infrastructure to a Virtual Private Cloud. Contact us today and find out how to easily manage your Information System on a simple web interface!

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Do you have an innovative project and all you need is funding?

Pentalog Institute, the IT Consulting & Strategy subsidiary of the Pentalog Group, founded an innovation and R&D management and financing department in 2008 to assist its clients from the IT field in the organization of their Research & Development processes.

Great Digital Products Aren’t Created By AccidentPentagility Means IT Excellence at Speed

Creating great software starts with a team infrastructure that breaks down silos, anticipates risks and communicates openly.
As an IT outsourcing provider, Pentalog equips teams with modular rules and dashboards, to ramp up, scale and pivot quickly, with minimal friction, maximum support and costs you control.
We call this toolkit Pentagility, an agile governance methodology for building trusted client relationships.

Finding the best skills is just too hard? choose the dedicated team!

Combining flexibility and efficiency, the dedicated team is a strategic choice that guarantees the success of your IT development or testing projects. It is also the best solution at hand to find readily available skills.

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