Third-Party Application Maintenance (TPAM)

Third-Party Application Maintenance (TPAM) Delegate maintenance tasks, free up internal resources: more efficient, more cost-effective, and more motivating for your teams.

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What is Third-Party Application Maintenance? Better productivity for your company.

Third-Party Application Maintenance (TPAM) is outsourcing all or part of the activities that ensure the operational continuity of your applications, provide functional improvements, and meet the evolving needs of users.

By delegating repetitive but essential tasks to a trusted third party, you ensure the sustainability of your previous investments and free up bandwidth for innovation.

What was once a burden becomes a source of growth.

You can start with an application maintenance project launch phase in Eastern Europe or Morocco. This allows you to remain close to the solution in the early stages, especially in terms of time zone and expertise similar to yours.

“Step by step” towards maximum profitability.

Once established, you can optimize costs further by gradually exporting all or part of the service to Vietnam. This will be done in close collaboration and under the responsibility of your dedicated Product Owner and/or Scrum Master.

Morocco team

TPAM in Morocco, the tech boom.

  • Top tech talent
  • English-speaking environment
  • Growing IT culture
  • 1-hour time difference
  • Geographic proximity

Vietnam team

TPAM in Vietnam, excellence at reduced costs.

  • Ultra-innovative technology parks
  • Government incentives
  • English-speaking culture
  • Commitment and teamwork
  • Lower labor and training costs

Romania team

TPAM in Romania, the benchmark.

  • Leading tech country in Europe
  • High-level technical expertise
  • Flexibility and availability
  • Recognized service quality
  • Geographic and cultural proximity

We’re happy to advise how our TPAM solutions can be tailored to your needs.

3 examples of typical Third-Party Application Maintenance teams

Regardless of your requirements, our experts work with you from the start to provide the ideal team composition for your company. Below you can compare typical teams, from the basic option to the most refined, along with the non-binding rates between different countries.


Sufficient and essential minimum team / 5 people

starting from
€37,600 in Morocco or
€43,800 in Romania, then
€25,900/month in Vietnam


  • An example of a dedicated team:
  • 1 Scrum Master
  • 1 Product Owner / QA
  • 3 Developers


Complete typical team /
7 people

starting from
€57,000 in Morocco or
€66,600 in Romania, then
€39,300/month in Vietnam

  • An example of a dedicated team:
  • 1 Scrum Master
  • 1 Product Owner
  • 3 Developers
  • 2 QA


Team with additional specialties / 11 people

starting from
€75,800 in Morocco or
€88,300 in Romania, then
€53,100/month in Vietnam

  • An example of a dedicated team:
  • 1 Scrum Master
  • 1 Product Owner
  • 4 Developers
  • 2 QA
  • 1 DevOps
  • 1 SecOps
  • 1 Architect

8 key reasons to outsource your application maintenance to a Pentalog team

With budget constraints and pressure on your roadmap, outsourcing the maintenance and optimization of your company’s software and applications offers numerous benefits:

  1. Continuous innovation: You can focus on your core business, continue to innovate, and invent new products while leaving technical and operational aspects to trusted external experts.
  2. Cost reduction: With external teams initially in Eastern Europe or Morocco, you reduce costs related to training, recruitment, and retention of employees dedicated to these tasks. Then, by transferring certain operations to our agencies in Vietnam, you can take advantage of increasingly cost-effective TPAM services.
  3. Motivation of your teams: Maintenance can be a tedious and time-consuming task that takes precedence over more innovative projects. Outsourcing maintains the loyalty and engagement of your employees and attracts new recruits.
  4. Technical updates: You gain access to a pool of agile experts with specialized skills and knowledge, who have access to the latest technologies and tools. This helps promote a culture of continuous learning within your company.
  5. Flexibility: You benefit from the necessary flexibility to quickly and easily increase or decrease your internal or external technical resources. This is an essential variable, especially in times of constant uncertainty.
  6. Security: Third-party service providers have the necessary tools and expertise to identify and address potential vulnerabilities and keep the application up to date with the latest patches.
  7. Continuity: TPAM helps reduce downtime and increase application availability. We monitor the application 24/7 and respond quickly to issues, minimizing the impact on your business and its users. This allows you to maintain customer satisfaction at lower costs.
  8. Reversibility: Collaboration is transparent between us. If you ever wish to reintegrate your application maintenance internally or consider other collaborations, we will be immediately capable of returning the entire project to you and supporting you in the transition.

Protect your assets and focus on the future with Third-Party Application Maintenance by Pentalog.