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Thanks to YOU, Pentalog belongs to the Tech & Growth Elite: Cheers to you ALL!

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

In the year since January 1, 2019, 130 FTEs (Full-time Equivalents) in Tech, Design or Marketing have joined Pentalog or SkillValue. As a result, we are now 1,130 employees.

Organic growth reached 25% with an absolute growth rate of 30% – the pace of a high-performance athlete. Our profitability continues to place us among the best in the business, and helps make sure that we stay independent.

After the last shares distribution in 2019, it is now 6% of our employees who directly own the company. They control 95% of the capital.

Pentalog Tech and Growth Elite

A strong team-spirit based on Agility is our key to boost Pentalog to a leading position among the Tech & Growth Elite.

In 2019, we created and delivered many new services:

Pentalog now belongs to the Tech & Growth Consulting Elite.
We acquired outstanding French design capability through Soluti.
SkillValue Freelance signed up 10,000 freelancers while new clients, among the most prestigious and most promising in the world, have also signed on.

The support of our teammates – the renowned Pentaguys – has never been higher.
IT experts from around the world are attracted to the Pentalog project.

More than half a million people have signed in to our web, engineering, entrepreneur, and CTO platforms!

People are interested in our IT competency assessments, our cutting-edge expertise in Frameworks and Agile governance, and our KPIs. Our recommendation rate is 97%.

Our New Year’s resolution for 2020? To keep being the best at what we do!

One number summarizes all of this: the new year has barely begun, but projected turnover for 2020 has reached 105% compared with 2019, with about 150% in new, completed orders.

So thank you, Pentalog Community! Teammates – clients – partners – freelancers: it’s thanks to YOU that the Pentalog platform is today positioned at the crossroads of digital excellence in Europe, and in the world!

We won’t stop in 2020 – the adventure is too exciting!

A very Happy New Year to all of you!

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