The activity of your users, websites, servers, applications, connected objects, industrial sensors etc. has grown exponentially in recent years.

Are your infrastructure monitoring tools and team agile enough for the speed at which performance, availability and security are required today?

Pentalog provides:

  • a high level of maturity in the IT process
  • an approach tailored to the quality and security of your information system
  • a 24/7 operational approach
  • the best management solutions for your IT budget

Why outsource infrastructure monitoring?

  • Global service: the Pentalog outsourcing services cover IT monitoring, preventive maintenance and curative maintenance activities.
  • High availability: the outsourcing service is ensured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year thanks to the teams of IT engineers and helpdesk technicians who take turns to ensure the continuity of IT monitoring for your infrastructure.
  • Managed budget: located in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa, they are coordinated by a steering committee in France.

Outsourcing and live environment activities

When deciding to outsource your IT monitoring process with us, the live environment activities and responsibilities are clearly defined between Pentalog’s IT monitoring team and your company.

Infrastructure Monitoring IT

Examples of infrastructure monitoring activities that have to be defined at the beginning of project:

  • Dispatch of the incoming tickets
  • IP Filtering / Firewall rule
  • OS, web server and database updates (technological watch)
  • OS, web server and database updates (execution)
  • Installation of virtual servers with their OS
  • Installation and configuration of application servers
  • Installation and configuration of SGBD servers
  • Data recovery (learn more about backup)
  • VM snapshot recovery
  • SSL certificate updates
  • Drawing up live environment procedures according to ITIL standards


Domain name management usually falls under the client’s responsibility.

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