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Internet of Things: 100 Pentalog engineers involved daily in smart object and M2M projects

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

While recently discussing with Mickael Hiver, we have realized that the number of Pentaguys working on systems involving one or various connected objects is skyrocketing. From energy, cleantech and health to automation, digital leisure or security, there’s nothing we cannot do! Whether the focus lies on BtoC models (IoT) or on BtoB models and M2M, I want to insist on Pentalog’s increased contribution to the global


Energy, cleantech, BtoB markets – (our projects are predominantly M2M rather than IoT projects)

Staff: 60 engineers

In 2005, Pentalog started collaborating with a European company that was at that time one of the worldwide pioneers in water and gas distribution sensors and monitoring industry. Since then, giant European and American energy and cleantech companies have turned to Pentalog for developments involving smart building, smart city, surveillance drones for industrial plants, and home automation. Even better, Pentalog took over 100% of their stack: electronics, embedded systems, radio-frequency, mobile applications, business applications, Big Data. One of the global leaders in the semiconductor industry entrusted us with their entire stack of software that are most probably embedded in your vehicle or other equipment that you use on a daily basis. In another innovative sector, we also work on surveillance drones.

Our clients are either environment, energy and telecom giants, or highly innovative startups that are often taken over by large groups. Not to mention that we have been developing the platform of the European smart building leader for 12 years now.

Smart objects, health, leisure, IoT in general

Staff: 40 persons

From leisure to health and passing through children surveillance, Pentalog has investigated all the needs of its clients. A global leader group in the digital leisure industry has entrusted Pentalog with the development of an iPad application connected to a music software since 2010. We equally recently took over the development of a technological (embedded) POC for leisure and high-definition surveillance cameras. Also in the embedded systems sector, Pentalog supports the R&D activities of a strong eye tracking startup whose products are designed for e-health and merchandising.

Pentalog engineers also operate in mobile interfaces, especially on iOS and Android, for apps accompanying some of the world’s most bankable smart objects. We have already delivered innovative solutions in the logistics field and participated in the development of mobile applications or embedded objects that rock the Las Vegas CES. The sky’s the limit!

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