Employee Well-being Programs at Pentalog
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Employee Well-being Programs at Pentalog

Being physically active can give a huge boost to our health and mood. We all know that! But many of us don’t regularly add sports activities to our days. In time, a sedentary lifestyle, together with other unhealthy choices, can lead to sickness.

To prevent that and help our colleagues build healthy behaviors we developed the PentaSport concept. By creating personalized employee well-being programs through sports challenges, we’re not only improving their lifestyle, but also strengthening the bonds of social cohesion within teams, increasing performance, and boosting engagement.

Getting people into better physical and sporting shape is in line with our CSR and philanthropy strategies, where we focus on health promotion and supporting local communities in various ways.

Pentalog well-being programs

Sports Programs Improve Employees’ Health

We are a software company, so our employees spend many hours working from a desk. To combat the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, we initiate sports activities, promote well-being seminars, and encourage people to take breaks and move their bodies.

Here’s how we stay active through our PentaSport program:

  • Organize friendly competitions with colleagues, such as PentaBike (cycling competition) PentaOpen (tennis tournament), and football or table tennis competitions.
  • Create sports challenges that engage colleagues for longer periods, building a sense of belonging and making the team collaborate around a purpose. PentaSport Summer Challenge is our worldwide sports competition with a social objective.
  • Co-partner with local sports events, like marathons or cross-country races, and social sports events where Pentalog pays the admission fee: Brasov Heroes, Hospice Cross, Bucharest Casiopeea Cross, Iasi Swimathon, Cluj Walking month, Bucharest Marathon, Apuseni Race, Rocket Bike Fest, etc. are just some examples of sports events where Pentalog teams participated.
  • Organize Board Games Nights, PentaPuzzle, and chess competitions to train our brains.
  • Offer employee gym membership discounts to encourage staff to work out more often.
  • Invite colleagues to attend matches of the CS Manastur rugby team and the junior rugby team in Cluj as part of our sponsorship deal.
  • Invest in our PentaSport community where more and more colleagues subscribe every day to stay connected to news and challenges related to sports activities.

pentasport summer challenge

Sports Lead to Workplace Happiness

By creating memories through sports activities, we reinforce the sense of belonging, create a collective interest, and enhance communication and team spirit.

These actions help to infuse creativity and boost workplace happiness. Studies show that employees are happier in workplaces where people engage in company events and join forces to serve a greater good.

To encourage healthy competition, we also give prizes, awards, medals, and diplomas to celebrate the sports accomplishments of our colleagues. And we also mix volunteering with sports activities to boost the satisfaction feeling of contributing to a social cause.


Employee Well-being Programs Build Resilience and Mental Health

Pentalog’s objective is to have a solid contribution to employees’ well-being. That is why we invest in creating internal programs and training sessions with experts to build resilience and good mental health.

PentaBreak is one such example: regular online sessions about sports, mental health, and healthy behaviors to prevent burnout and maintain a good work-life balance, involving experts such as sports coaches and nutritionists.

Our flexible approach to remote working and office ergonomics also helps our employees have a productive workday, with plenty of room for rest, sports activities, and leisure.

For psychological consultations, our premium employee health insurance covers two free sessions per year and a 50% discount for the rest of the consultations. Free dental care, CT, PET and MRI scans, annual health checks, and many more are also included.


Our PentaSport Program Has Many Benefits

Team activities, whether organized or informal, offer many health benefits, both physical and mental. As a result, they can be a perfect fit for enhancing workplace wellness.

From a running competition for a cause to a bike ride in the woods, employee well-being programs such as PentaSport have many benefits:

  • Boost productivity and efficiency
  • Increase energy levels
  • Ease tensions and relax mind and body
  • Improve physical and mental balance, strength, movement, and motor skills, and help in maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • Create strong emotions within a team, maintaining social ties with colleagues even when working remotely
  • Give meaning by supporting charity causes
  • Support disease prevention and management
  • Increase health awareness
  • Reduce unhealthy behaviors like smoking, reduce mortality, promote effective pain management, and improve quality of life in aging.

Let’s keep on moving!