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An American Start Up entrusts 100% of its IT requirements to Pentalog, in complete agreement with the new Triple Play business model

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

For several months now, an ever-increasing number of companies has fully embraced Pentalog’s Triple Play business model which brings together business consulting, software publishing, management and infrastructure leasing services.Among these, I think of this somewhat original American customer which chose to locate its R&D in France to take advantage of the French fiscal incentives, ranking among the best in the world, as I reminded you recently in one of my articles.When one of our customers recommended our development services, he discovered during the conversation that Pentalog had fiscal and technical consultants who were qualified to assist them in their approach to choose among the various French fiscal statuses… and all this thanks to the Pentalog Institute, our consulting department.Then, further into the conversation, the customer realized that this department could provide world-class consultants in architecture, fully qualified to assist the company in making technology and architecture choices. For Pentalog, this could probably amount to a revenue of several dozen thousand euro (Pentalog key facts) that we would never have achieved about a year ago. This strategy of increasing the quality level of our services also implies the need to promptly create a more global offer culture.Believe me, the years of software monoculture do structure a company!Actually, this triple Play model means from now on counting on a cross-sectional service quality for all these customers which reinforce this idea, by giving us their vote of confidence, a Global IT Player status. We should provide them with a unique interlocutor and, at the same time, we should offer them access to experts for each dimension of the offer. We should apply ourselves with more intelligence and sharpness in the invoicing and production management processes. Like all challenges, this one is very thrilling in terms of the perspectives it creates for our commercial, quality, production or legal services! It will have an impact at all levels.Concretely improving the relationship and making progress in the customer’s benefitGradually, as we gain new customers or our former customers become interested in our new services, it is obvious that a special relationship takes shape and we will have to meet their expectations in terms of loyalty at our one-stop shop for IT consulting and services.And then, we are in 2013, the year of the peak of the crisis (I hope), and these expectations are also financial. Of course, a customer who has trusted us in the long run and for almost all the services he needed should not “pay again” the customer acquisition price. In this case, we offer a discount of 5% for all the services required by our customers who entrust us with several items of our bundles of services and for more than €150,000 a year. We shall even offer a 7% discount to those above a million.I even think of implementing a system which will be put to test under the form of credit points for a purchasing portfolio convertible into € and valid for all the items on the Pentalog catalog of services.This original contract-based approach, stemming directly from B2C and air transportation giants’ loyalty programs, is definitely a true commercial and marketing innovation enabling our customers to lower, within a CLEAR framework, their purchase prices and at the same time this system will reassure them in acquiring new services from Pentalog, in addition to development services, making it possible for them to reduce even more their overall IT budgets: through the management of client infrastructures, their lease and those of applications, consulting services in high-level technology and administrative and fiscal engineering services.Pentalog reaches out for contact in new territories and for new offers and we can clearly see that we have made no mistake when it comes to the market.IT development offerEmbedded systems offerMobility offer: layout, ergonomics and design for mobile applications, iOS application development, iPhone, iPad, Android application development, Windows 8 developmentmobile website developmentCloud computing factoryConsulting offer – Pentalog Institute

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