Fact figures

With more than 25 years of experience in digital product development and IT outsourcing, Pentalog today is a global leader in agility services.

With offices in seven countries on three continents, the group operates seven delivery centers (Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia) and seven business development centers (Paris, Orléans, Lyon, London, Frankfurt, New York, and Boston) serving clients of every size, from subject matter experts to startups to CEOs.

75% of our digital products are aimed at startups, scale-ups, and digital natives.

Pentalog provides engineers and IT consultants along the entire l product lifecycle from ideation to monetization:

  • Prototyping and UX services by Pentalog Growth Factory;
  • Growth marketing strategies adapted to the U.S. or Europe;
  • Dedicated teams recruited in one month for development, testing, and maintenance, local or remote;
  • IT security strategies tailored to your core business;
  • Cloud computing services and DevOps aligned with  governance goals and powering digital transformation.

Advanced technical skills, niche expertise

Pentalog’s employs 1,100 specialists covering high-demand skills, such as: React, NodeJS, Angular, PHP, .NET, JAVA, Python, iOS, Android, DevOps, Cloud, ITOps, security), and digital (UX / UI Design, digital marketing strategies, growth hacking, and marketing automation.

To date, we have developed:

  • 1,500 digital products for companies across an array of industries such as FinTech, MedTech, EdTech, and media.
  • 137 UX / UI design projects creating flexible user experiences;
  • Six marketing automation campaigns with high engagement rates;
  • Pay-per-click campaigns touching more than five million customers.

More than 400,000 profiles are part of our private SaaS SkillValue self-assessment platform, which provides more than 600 technical tests on over 160 skills.

The CTOs of our freelance service have helped 150 clients find the best specialists for their technology and digital projects. Our freelancing platform, managed by SkillValue, includes more than 5,000 freelancers involved in development projects.

Across the globe, we’re in an agility state of mind

Agility is more than a methodology for us: it’s a state of mind we adopted more than 15 years ago to build a growth platform for the digital future.

We apply agile to meet our clients’ roadmap and budget goals, gain a faster return on investment, and reduce the time to market.

Performance of Pentalog’s ecosystem:

  • Pentalog’s Growth Factory has generated more than in revenue for its customers;
  • Pentalog’s Software Factory delivers 300 digital products a year through 386 Scrum teams covering 100+ technologies;
  • To date, SkillValue has generated more than 500,000 tests on its IT skills assessment platform and recruits 500 engineers a year;
  • Pentalabbs has invested in 27 startups, including three exits; the acceleration program start-ups have raised € 40 million.