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Agreement between Pentalog and Rue de la Paye – payment operations company

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

Rue de la Paye is one of the French leaders on the online payment operations outsourcing market.  The company has about 50 employees located across 3 sites (Vichy, Paris and Bucharest) and 5000 customers.

The agreement signed by the Parties stipulates that, in exchange for shares, Pentalog will transfer a Technical Manager to Rue de la Paye and will fund a significant part of its IT activities in the next few years. Therefore, Frédéric Lasnier and Eric Gouin will provide Rue de la Paye with their experience, as well as with new strategic options by becoming members of the company’s committees.

For Pentalog, this operation implies much more than a simple participation. Rue de la Paye is an important step towards the extension of the Group’s Cloud strategies, which have attracted the management’s attention and many investments in the last years. For Frédéric Lasnier, Pentalog CEO, “Rue de la Paye is a Cloud in advance”, meaning that it integrates the technology (infrastructures + applications) and the execution of the outsourced payment service (HR process, pay slips delivery).  Rue de la Paye is the second operation performed by Pentalog on the HR-related services market, after People Centric.

Finally, the two companies have offices in France and Romania, an additional asset which enables the creation of many synergies. The two companies are also planning to define complementary services in the next months.

About Pentalog:

Built on 20 fruitful years of experience, the Pentalog Group is a customer-oriented IT services company providing IT outsourcing and consultancy services to about 200 clientsfrom all over the world. Our 850 English-speaking dedicated collaborators  located in France, Germany, Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Vietnam focus on leveraging the business of both SMBs and multinationals, as well as start-up companies. Our sales figure amounted to €24M in 2012.

We offer cutting-edge support in terms of application development, cloud computing, infrastructure management, embedded systems and mobility solutionsin a dozen of vertical business areas (banking, e-commerce, M2M, Energy, etc.). The Pentalog group also provides IT recruitment services, as well as innovation support via its business incubator Pentalabbs.

Log in to the ePentalog club portal for free and you will be able to download our price catalog, white papers, and benefit from preferential offers and private sales.

 About Rue de la Paye:

Rue de la Paye is a French company specializing in payment and HR operations 12 outsourcing, with offices in France and Romania, and counting 50 employees across its sites in Vichy (head office), Paris and Bucharest.

Rue de la Paye offers outsourcing services related to payment and social security declarations processing, social and regulatory audits, as well as HR engineering services to approximately 5.000 French companies and associations (on mainland France and its overseas territories), both via its customer accounting firms, as well as via SMEs and foreign groups subsidiaries.

The company was founded in 2000 by its CEO Frédéric Malot, renowned as an expert accountant. Rue de la Paye currently relies on more than 10 years of business expertise of its payment managers and HR consultants in the service of accountants and businesses, as well as on a unique positioning thanks to an online payment processing platform, enabling very fast completion of pay slips.

Follow social topics on its blog: http: //www.gestionnaire-paie.com

Discover all the offers on its site http://www.ruedelapaye.com

For more details, visit the www.ruedelapaye.com site  or contact Mr. Xavier Théoleyre, Marketing and Customer Relationship Manager, at (+33) 1 44 06 07 97.

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