24/7 system monitoring

Let your team be concentrated on high level subjects while the Pentalog takes care of your IT!

From communication and production to funding, all the services of a company are highly dependent on the quality and availability of IT services. Any failures in this area may affect your core business, making it imperative to keep operational systems under permanent control, and to be pro-active in order to limit all potentially negative impacts.
Outsourcing your IT is a way to make sure that the entire IT-infrastructure remains fully reliable and cost-effective.

IT Security Services

With 30 people involved in IT outsourcing and surveillance on 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and America), Pentalog provides 24/7 services at competitive rates:

  • IT infrastructure: checking the availability (hardware failure, etc.), resource usage percentage (CPU, memory, bandwidth, etc.) and performance (network latency, etc.)
  • IT systems: availability control (storage space, event log)
  • IT services: service status inquiry (applications, web services, messaging, etc.)
  • IT security: back-up control and processing of intrusion alerts


When a system alert is triggered, our teams perform the necessary corrective actions, thus minimizing system issues and maximizing both your internal user and client satisfaction!

I.T. infrastructure and security audits

Anticipate and eliminate issues before they become problems!

Due to digitization processes, compagnies are continuously increasing the level of accessibility of their IT systems and data to their clients, employees and partners. These changes are likely to introduce security issues. Pentalog offers 2 service ranges to tackle possible problems:

  • Network security audit: identifying gaps between your network and best practices, reporting vulnerabilities, highlighting security holes
  • IT security audit: checking internal software security (software attacks, SQL injections, etc.), data hacking, reviewing credientials policy, key user interviews

At the end of the process, the Pentalog consultant will provide a report describing the identified strong points, weak points, impacts and suggested improvements for your IT system.

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