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Be All You Can Be with Professional Development Courses

Vasile Putina
Vasile Putina
Chief Technology Officer

With so many transformations in the workplace, the best thing you can do to stay ahead of the game is to keep learning. But your mind is overwhelmed by so much information and you need to select only the relevant sources. What should you do?

We know this situation all too well! At Pentalog, we constantly strive to enhance our learning offer through professional development courses to meet our employees’ expectations for growth.

If you want to benefit from a personalized learning path with hand-picked tools and resources to support your development needs, we have your back.

You just have to join us!

With a growing number of eLearning platforms and online content that can be accessed from anywhere, we cater to our employees’ expectations to stay relevant at work through upskilling.

Professional Development Comes First

Would you like the opportunity to challenge yourself and to also express your needs? Doing so, we will support your development with the right set of tools and resources. At Pentalog, everything is possible! You’ll also be able to experiment with ideas and learn from both your projects and your colleagues.

Even more, you’ll have a clear understanding of your skillset. With our proprietary assessment algorithm, SkillValue Insight, we can assess the skills of our employees to maintain their pace or progress, along with the levels they achieve.

Once you become a PentaHuman, you will find a supportive learning environment and multiple opportunities for advancement:

  1. Career assistance and mentorship
    Based on career goals and the skills required to reach them, you’ll receive guidance that encourages and enables your professional development.
  2. High-impact work
    With more than 200 products delivered every year, there’s a huge diversity in terms of technologies and roles. Pentalog’s rotation plan makes sure that your career goals are taken into consideration.
  3. Training
    By mapping out tech trends, we choose appropriate methods (virtual, simulated, mentoring, on-the-job training, professional development courses, etc.) to help you develop new abilities and reinforce existing ones.
  4. Individual learning paths
    Like all Pentalog employees, you too will benefit from a distinctive learning plan that takes account of your individual objectives, identified trends, and the company’s needs.

Leveling Up Learning in 2022

This year, we’ll be taking learning and development programs to a new level, investing more resources in designing and developing engaging ways to train employees.

To support our endeavors, we have welcomed aboard a Learning Program Coordinator who leads our employee development initiatives, working closely with the Learning and Development Managers in all Pentalog agencies.

Our L&D Managers not only have a growth mindset, they have also displayed a passion for learning activities in their jobs, whether they have a tech background or not. Within their new roles, they will support and facilitate the individual learning journeys of our colleagues, gathering feedback to evaluate and improve the processes.

The learning journey in Pentalog starts and ends with evaluations, where top achievers join the elite.

Be the Best and Get Rewarded

To level up our learning strategy, we wanted to see where we stand in terms of gaps in employee knowledge. Therefore, we started an extensive assessing process of our people’s technical expertise, collaboration skills, English-language skills, and experience with SkillValue Insight.

The SVI report shows that 63% of our employees are in the Top 5% best developers.

The elite in Pentalog is represented by people who consistently demonstrate a combination of technical and non-technical skills. That’s what it takes to be a top tech pro, and we reward this kind of excellence.

This year and beyond, we’ll continue to support our colleagues with personalized learning paths, while also broadening Pentalog’s Top 5% best developers.

To achieve this objective, we have built an extensive learning agenda for 2022, taking account of tech trends, skills gaps, our organizations’ growth needs, and projects’ requirements.

Therefore, we have created an “ideal employee model” with skills that people need to acquire during the individual learning journey, considering their profile.

For a tech profile, the individual learning path may require adding:

  1. Mandatory skills: learning about Pentalog’s tools and applications, agility, collaboration, how to make self-assessments using the SkillValue platform;
  2. Soft/power skills: motivation, communication, leadership, stress management, conflict management, foreign languages, etc. – through internal and external eLearning platforms or training;
  3. Hard skills: development languages and frameworks, testing & QA, platforms & infrastructure, etc.

Cybersecurity and power skills are critical for any employee who needs to apply new skills to stay competitive and adapt to changing times.

Learning Agenda

Growth and Continuous Learning

The #NeverStopLearning approach has always been part of Pentalog’s organizational culture.

Over time, we’ve invested in powerful professional development courses for our employees’ training and self-learning processes, and we’ve encouraged our colleagues to stretch and become bigger versions of their already awesome selves. In fact, many of our top and middle managers who have started their careers as interns and juniors have risen to become influential leaders, as living proof of Pentalog’s pledge for continuous growth to its employees.

There’s a wide range of learning opportunities in Pentalog, whether it’s participating in international conferences, obtaining relevant IT certifications, or improving foreign languages skills.

  • Our colleagues have access to learning roadmaps, recommendations for training, mentorship, and coaching sessions, as we constantly nurture their need for professional growth.
  • We also make available to them the Pentalog Academy (a wide range of proprietary learning content managed through TalentLMS) as well as content provided by various eLearning platforms such as Udemy, Mindtools, O’Reilly, Pluralsight, Raywenderlich, ProofPoint or FrontendMasters.
  • In term of know-how, the tech communities in Pentalog are among the strongest anywhere. Since they’re organized by technology (.NET, Java, JavaScript, etc) or specialization (Product Owner, Agile), these informal self-managed groups are a place for knowledge-sharing, keeping everyone updated, and offering support on projects.
  • For our employees and the entire IT community we organize PentaBARs (informal meetings where IT professionals can learn about a variety of technical and non-technical topics), PentaStagiu (the best place to learn new skills and start building a career in tech for people with little experience in IT), and webinars (resourceful videos tackling all kinds of tech subjects for experienced professionals).

If you think this is the place for your career ambitions, join us and work on projects
that make a difference!


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