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M2M, embedded, Internet of things, ultra trendy systems and the future are a daily reality for 170 Pentaloguians!

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

80 people engaged for 4 years in developing the mobile embedded systems of one of the world’s top cell phone manufacturers, a dozen more develop other embedded systems for the defense and medical sector so, at Pentalog, there is no shortage of topics for the best Eastern European engineers. We intend to speed up our coverage of the most complex technical issues. Another large mobile manufacturer is about to become our client.Along with embedded systems, the M2M is another strong trend that Pentalog continues to enhance especially through the interaction between Orléans and our Moldavian R&D unit which has become highly specialized since it was set up in 2005. It was involved in the development and industrial validation of the best-selling system in Europe up to now for the intelligent water supply management (a German-American client). Pentalog Chisinau has also stood out as a leader in monitoring the security cameras of the largest European cities and for the software solutions for smart metering (smartgrid). We have recently developed applications for motor vehicle management and geolocation! Our developers work on an incredibly modern framework in terms of technology, usage and business value.In addition, there is also the new M2M collaboration with a French start-up specializing in logistics. The project will be carried out by our delivery center from Iasi located 130 km away, in Romania.Mention should also be made of building automation and smart building as we have collaborated (35 engineers) for 10 years with the number 2 dedicated subsidiary on the energy market in France! Overall, in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, there are at least 60 people who do their best in the M2M field on a daily basis!The latest major trend on the market is the Internet of things, or how a lambda user can interact with everyday objects via a simple web link, gradually turning his/her PC, tablet or mobile into a cinema studio controlling cameras, a multi-source audio mixer (decks, instruments), or a medical center. We are far from the basic mobile applications (that we also develop). Pentalog works with the best European experts in the field. There are less than 20 for the moment, but we have made progress and 3 of them are already our clients.In 2007 we made strategic decisions regarding embedded development and M2M. Since then, the number of employees has risen from 30 to 160 employees in a sector that develops 20 times faster than the rest of the economy and which offered genuine, sustainable areas of expertise, customized for each employee. We are happy to see that these strategic choices are so well rewarded. An important option regarding e-commerce was also chosen in 2010 and success is on the cards, 100 people being already involved in this sector on a day-to-day basis.See our mobile services:

our M2Moffer (Machine2Machine) and our services for software publishers.

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