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ISO Certification: Continued focus on Quality & Efficiency for 2019

Aleth Delcenserie
Aleth Delcenserie
Chief Quality Officer
(Founding Partner)

The follow-up audit conducted at the end of 2018 renewed our ISO certification for both software engineering and other platform processes such as SkillValue’s IT recruitment services and our new Security Department.

The audit was conducted in our Iasi, Bucharest and Chisinau delivery centers, the AFNOR auditor congratulating all the managers and teams who provided their support during the inspection.

Continuous improvement towards quality excellence

Since acquiring the first ISO 9001 certification, in December 2008, Pentalog has constantly been committed to improve its practices at all company levels. We strive to deliver services of the highest quality in order to help our clients achieve their full potential on every project.

As usual, the audit was focused on the evaluation of the quality management system and its evolution. We are proud to having fulfilled the goal established in the previous cycle of audits by defining our position towards the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We have also improved the validation method concerning the quality plan for clients in software development and maintenance projects. At the same time, we have not left previous observations unnoticed and worked on enhancing the systematic traceability of the offer reviews (internal risk assessment and validation of the business proposals before sending them to the client).

ISO Certification

Following the audit conducted by AFNOR, Pentalog extends its ISO certification. Services provided are compliant to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.

ISO certification: audit outcomes and proposals

After conducting a detailed analysis of all the processes taking place in our company, our dedicated ISO certification auditor outlined many strong points in the areas of communication, leadership, investment, partnership and funding research, as well as our permanent concern to improve competitiveness (by professional competency, tools, customer relationships):

  • Financial strength of the company

  • Well-equipped and varied resource inventories

  • High level of transparency in the communication with the client

  • Very good internal and external traceability related to documented information, both technical and financial

  • Implementation of the security plan

  • Development of new activities like DevOps, security and agility consulting

  • Partnership programs with universities to share knowledge & experience and facilitate student enrolment in the workplace

  • Continuous improvement of the management system

The AFNOR auditor came up with a couple of suggestions for improvement in the areas of internal audit evaluation, customer satisfaction collection, traceability and training for management.

The AFNOR auditor also closed previous weaknesses and proposed to maintain Pentalog’s ISO certification according to ISO 9001:2015.

I would like to thank all those audited for respecting Pentalog methodologies, being open to new challenges, and fostering an environment built on transparency, communication and professionalism in our company.


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