IT Outsourcing in Iasi

IT Outsourcing in Iasi (Romania) – A top business decision

Outsourcing your IT project in a city like Iasi (Romania) could be one of the best business decisions regarding your project development.

The city of Iasi is located in the North-East of Romania, being the second largest city of the country and one of the leading centers of Romanian cultural, social, artistic and academic life. It is also home to the first Engineering school and the oldest Romanian university.

The benefits of this IT Outsourcing location, as well as the spectacular development of the IT industry in the recent years, led Iasi to win the title of the Emerging City of the Year at the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards Gala, which took place in 2018, in Warsaw.

Moreover, Iasi is an important Romanian SmartCity, being selected by the European Commission to participate in the Digital Cities Challenge, “a tailored program launched by the EU to help cities develop and implement digital policies that can transform day to day life for residents, businesses, workers, and entrepreneurs”.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing in Iasi

There are a few important reasons for which you should take into consideration the outsourcing of your project in Iasi (Romania) like:

#1. Highly competitive IT Talent pool.

With a pipeline of 1,100 IT graduates per year, Iasi shares the third place in Romania with Timisoara, being placed right after Bucharest and Cluj. Most of the IT specialists in Iasi are fluent in 1 or 2 foreign languages and are prepared to work in a multicultural environment.

#2. Financial reasons.

The average salary in the IT field in Iasi, is lower with 20-25% than the average salary in Bucharest. Also, an important financial aspect is given by the governmental/regional support, by the tax exemptions and the state aid schemes for the IT industry.

#3. Dynamic IT Outsourcing community.

The IT Outsourcing community in Iasi knows an exponential growth rate. Thus, if it counts 16,500 employees in 2016, the number is expected to go up to 33,000 by 2030.

#4. Strong business ecosystem.

Iasi holds modern buildings (235.000mp for business offices), an international airport, good public transport system, telecom data safety and a strong business culture.

Therefore, while India is no longer a valid choice for services with higher added value and Poland (considered for a while one of the most attractive IT Outsourcing locations in Europe) became saturated, Iasi (Romania) could be your best option regarding the outsourcing of your IT project.

IT Outsourcing Iasi Romania

Discover Pentalog Iasi delivery center

Pentalog Iasi was launched in 2007, in order to serve as a top IT outsourcing delivery center for IT nearshoring and offshoring services.

The Pentalog Iasi team is comprised of 200+ IT specialists: top Developers, experienced Software Engineers and Project Managers, working on highly technical and complex projects, using NET, PHP, Node.js,React.js, Mobile, IOS and Android languages.

Pentalog Iasi employees by specialization

Pentalog Iasi is home to the most numerous PHP developers and the largest mobile team out of all the Pentalog delivery centers.

Pentalog Iasi Devs per Technology

The Pentalog Iasi delivery center serves clients from the USA, France, UK, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Romania, coming from different activity sectors: e-commerce, retail, media communication, intellectual property, medical electronics, banking, transportation, travel, etc.

IT Outsourcing success stories from Pentalog Iasi

Discover some of our success stories developed in Pentalog Iasi:

  • Development of an e-commerce platform for designer furniture retailer. For, an online design furniture retailer based in London, working with Pentalog provided a way to accelerate development when needed, without the burden of a full-time development team to support.
  • Website and mobile development for photo and video editing tool. Sharalike, a Boston-based software editing company, has been satisfied with the longstanding collaboration with Pentalog. CMO & CPO of Sharalike, Etienne Leroy, said that: “What I really liked about our experience with Pentalog is the flexibility, the expertise and the commitment of people. The Pentalog experts who work for us in Iasi are completely part of our team and this is really important to me.”
  • IP telephony system upgrade. Easyflyer, an e-commerce company that needed to upgrade its phone systems by installing a cloud based IP telephony system. Easyflyer was pleased by this new system that improved both their internal and external operations. They also found Pentalog’s support package to be highly effective at problem solving.
  • Software development of an IP management tool. A software publisher in the field of intellectual property (IP) management entrusted Pentalog Iasi with creating a new product from scratch with cutting edge technologies. The client was impressed with the technical and organizational skills they’ve found at Pentalog.

Great Digital Products Aren’t Created By AccidentPentagility Means IT Excellence at Speed

Creating great software starts with a team infrastructure that breaks down silos, anticipates risks and communicates openly.
As an IT outsourcing provider, Pentalog equips teams with modular rules and dashboards, to ramp up, scale and pivot quickly, with minimal friction, maximum support and costs you control.
We call this toolkit Pentagility, an agile governance methodology for building trusted client relationships.

About Pentalog

Pentalog is a one stop shop for design thinking, UI/ UX, code nearshoring, tech consulting, growth hacking & IT recruitment, which provides an entire ecosystem of IT services for any business.

  • A global team of 1,300+ IT engineers and a talent pool of 400,000 IT specialists
  • 25 years of IT outsourcing experience: 1,000 startup clients and 1,500 digital products under our belt
  • Outsourcing locations in Central & Eastern Europe (Romania, Moldova, France), Latin America (Guadalajara), Asia (Vietnam) and Africa (Morocco)
  • Lean thinking, Agile principles, and DevOps best practices applied in every IT project
  • Project launch and dedicated team ramp up in 4 weeks or even less
  • Strategic consulting (technology choices, security auditing, etc)
  • IT skills assessment / recruitment / freelancing services by SkillValue
  • Startup funding through Services for Equity to support your innovative ideas
  • UX/UI design & growth marketing services

Take your project to the next level and benefit of a top-of-the-line IT Outsourcing location, in order to reduce your costs and secure your success!