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Software development outsourcing: fast ramp-up and time-to-market are crucial

Catalina Murariu
Catalina Murariu
Product Owner

Project visibility, productivity, team motivation and client satisfaction should be key concerns on all IT projects. When it comes to software development outsourcing, agile teams seem to be the best solution if you are looking for a fast ramp-up and time-to-market. Discover how Pentalog succeeded in ramping up a team of 21 people in less than 1 month for a Scrum project! Also check out our 20 hot profiles who could start working on your software development projects next month!

Clients have begun to appreciate more and more the possibility to launch a product on the market early in the lifecycle and get instant valuable feedback regarding its features. This allows them to rethink their strategy, improve the product and increase their ROI on the run. According to the latest agile reports, 98% of the respondents say that their organization has realized success from agile projects. Also, a big plus when outsourcing a software development project is the availability of an expert team to work on that idea that has been haunting you for a while.


Pentalog helps you to identify the best software development profiles available to work on your projects next month, no matter your location on the globe!

Ramp up of 21 people in less than 1 month – Scrum project

This success story is about a subsidiary of a major European actor in the water, energy and waste management sector. They needed us to work closely on designing and delivering the software tools used by their dispatchers to plan the interventions of more than 6 000 field workers. The elements of this system were:

  • A web interface used by the dispatchers to manage the field workers’ planning
  • A mobile application used by field workers to plan their route and follow-up their daily activity
  • A business API
  • A Business Intelligence platform offering reporting on the planning activity
  • Real-time visual indicators displayed on a large screen in the dispatcher room

We quickly managed to set up a team of 21 people up and running in less than 1 month:

  • 1 mobile team: 8 persons
  • 1 web team: 10 persons
  • 1 reporting data warehouse team: 1 person
  • 1 web service team: 2 persons

We developed their architecture from scratch and made all the tests. We also translated their high-level requirements into detailed user stories and offered them on site SCRUM consulting: improving collaboration with external teams, optimizing the JIRA workflow / configuration / reporting.

Our Scrum Masters showed great professionalism in managing all the functional systems running simultaneously and synchronizing all the involved teams from both the Pentalog’s and the client’s side. The collaboration is still ongoing.

At present, our client’s application optimizes field routes, including their agents’ time tracking and time reporting, calculated directly in the payroll systems, and thus allowing a better management of planned and emergency situations.

The application is stable and used on a daily basis by thousands of users. The client plans to sell the application to other large companies worldwide.

Make time-to-market your competitive advantage with experienced developers eager to join your IT team next month

We know that recruiting the right people can be time consuming and expensive. Not to mention the greatest bottleneck: the lack of qualified IT resources.

Don’t let time-to-market become a constraint. Be one step ahead and turn it into an opportunity. Check out our list of profiles available in Romania or The Republic of Moldova and reinforce your existing software development teams or ramp up new ones with our help:

    • Product Owners:

Oana M.JUNIOR Product Owner: experience in working with web apps that manage employee competences, skilled negotiator and communicatorAndra C.SENIOR Product Owner: good analysis and definitions skills, attentive inspector of the developed productsCiprian M.SENIOR Product Owner: creative in defining user stories and product visions, strong priority estimation skills and good manager of the product backlog

    • Scrum Masters:

Diana T.ADVANCED Scrum Master: excellent coach of the development team towards self-organization and cross-functionality, impressive impediment removal skills and efficient communicator between the development team and implementation leadVeronica M.SENIOR Scrum Master: great identifier of human and logistics resources, valuable supervisor of project progress and compliance with project rulesLaura L.JUNIOR Scrum Master: keen coordinator of Scrum ceremonies and team meetings by fostering an environment that facilitates creativity and collaboration within the team

    • Senior Developers:

Alina M. ADVANCED PHP Developer: experienced in jQuery, AJAX, Angular 1.5, Angular JS, Bootstrap, CSS, Ext JS, HTML, JSON, Node.js, Symfony2, Zend FrameworkAna-Maria C.ADVANCED ANDROID – iOS Developer: Android Studio, XCode, Eclipse, Visual Studio, GIT, SVN, Unity 3DLevente-Balázs M.ADVANCED PHP Developer: SLIM, Symfony2, Zend Framework, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, Ext JS, jQuery, AJAX, JSP / ServletsAlexandru Robert K.SENIOR PHP – JAVASCRIPT – HTML – CSS Developer: specialized in Angular 2, Angular JS, Grunt.js, Gulp.js, Koa.js, Node.js, React.js, Zend Framework, AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, jQuery, Mongoose, SASS

    • Intermediate Developers:

Bogdan Constantin P.INTERMEDIATE JAVA Developer: familiar with JSF, PrimeFaces, RichFaces, Jersey, AMD, REST, SOAP, Angular JS, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, jQueryStefan-Dorin C.INTERMEDIATE HTML 5 – CSS 3 – JAVASCRIPT Developer: HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Babel.js, BackBone.js, Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, CSS, Express.js, Gulp.js, jQuery, jQuery UI, Node.js, React.js, Redux, Reflux, SASS, SCSS, UI Bootstrap, Webpack.jsBogdan P. INTERMEDIATE RUBY – Ruby on Rails Developer: Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML, jQuery, JSON, PadrinoMaxim G.INTERMEDIATE JAVA – ANDROID – REACT NATIVE Developer: Laravel, Play! Framework, Yii Framework, JSON, REST, Firebase, Material Design UI, Redux Saga, Rest Web Services

    • Junior Developers:

Arnold I.JUNIOR PYTHON Developer: Django, Django REST Framework, Flask, Angular JS, Angular Material, jQuery, Bootstrap, Bower, CSS3, HTML5Vitalina H.JUNIOR PHP Developer: Laravel, Symfony3, Angular 2, Express.js, Node.js, Webpack.js, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, MongooseRadu Z. JUNIOR JAVA Developer: Struts, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, jQuerySergiu Andrei V.JUNIOR HTML 5 – CSS 3 – JAVASCRIPT Developer: HTML5, CSS3, BackBone.js, Bootstrap, jQuery, Marionette.js, Node.js, NPM, REST API, Socket.IO, WebRTC

    • Testers:

Denis J.ADVANCED TESTING TOOLS Tester: Automated testing, Manual testing, HP Quality Center, QTPIrina L.INTERMEDIATE TESTING TOOLS Tester: Codeception, JIRA, QC, SoapUI, TestLink, manual testing, automated testing, etc.For more details on our tariffs, consult our price catalog.For a detailed quote, contact us directly. We can help you ramp up your agile software development team in no time.

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