Mobile app for car trip reservations

Client location Saint-Jean-le-Blanc, France

Business area Transportation

Product Web Platform

Delivery center Chisinau, Moldova

Project type Development

About the client

Founded in 2010, Pickmecab specializes in 24/7 private transportation. This innovative company offers a reliable, cost-effective and eco-friendly transportation alternative. Pickmecab quickly expanded into major French cities such as Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes, and Toulouse.


The challenge

The client chose Pentalog and our Pentalabbs incubation program to develop a project strategy and technology tools to meet the needs of their market. We provided these services:

  • Declining the platform on mobile devices (responsive design, declining on iOS and Android);
  • Adding new features to back office and Android applications: management, assignment of routes to drivers, and validation of routes by drivers from the tablet application;
  • Developing a carpooling iOS mobile app.

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The solution

Pentalog's business analyst, who was a liaison between the client and our development team, wrote the project specifications and executed acceptance tests.

Pentalog quickly provided a qualified and experienced web services team to meet Pickmecab's tight schedule and eliminate project roadblocks. Our professional business analyst guided the client during every stage of the project.

The results

After review to pass on a responsive design, the Pickmecab site enters iOS and Android application and offers many features to customers and drivers :

  • The integrated Paybox solution allows customers to conveniently and securely pay for trips
  • The geolocation function displays an assigned car’s position and estimated time of arrival, plus available cars nearby;
  • The Android application for drivers provides a better tool to manage current and potential trips;
  • We modified the site design to include new widgets for simplifying trip reservations and using airport shuttles, which has increased Pickmecab’s service locations;
  • The carpool iOS application, equipped with the geolocation feature, allows users to operate in driver mode or passenger mode and integrates the immediate or scheduled booking of a trip request.

In addition to the front office, the Pentalog team also collaborated with the back office, allowing them automated processing of reservations and web services. This ensures communication with Magento and integration of a payment module via Paybox.

Elena Mutruc
Customer Success Manager

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