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Cristian Popa

Head of Cloud & Managed Services

About Cristian Popa

Passionate about technology and security, Cristian is Pentalog’s Head of Cloud & Managed Services. His role is to ensure the consistency, availability, and robustness of the cloud infrastructure. Under the responsibility of the Chief Quality Officer, he also ensures the technical resources of Pentalog’s data centers and offices: computing and storage equipment, network, and service continuity.

As the Head of Cloud & Managed Services, Cristian is responsible for the computer and cloud compliancy of the company (availability, backup, security). He works with business associates to understand the best technology investments, translating business requirements into technology plans, preparing and supervising IT budgets.

Cristian is also in charge of the recruitment process and the monitoring of his team. He provides technological monitoring and expertise related to his activity.

Since 2007, when Cristian joined Pentalog as a System and Network Engineer, he has gained extensive experience in IT. With every new role, he took on more responsibility, combining the latest technology with advanced security solutions for delivering scalable and high-performing infrastructure.