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Dan Deusan

Head of Business Development

About Dan Deusan

Expertise: Software development organization, Offshore / Nearshore teams, Agile practices

Dan is an experienced Project Director and Agile practitioner. Leveraging his technical background as former Developer and previous project management know-how, he provides consultancy missions on software development organization and strategic decision-making for Pentalog’s clients.

Since 2011, when he took up the Project Director role, Dan has been putting his technical and business expertise to good use, serving e-commerce companies, software publishers and industry players at different stages of their maturity, from startups to well-established companies. The projects he manages usually require him to work with various Agile team sizes and configurations, ranging from small teams of 3-5 people to large-scale teams of 30-40 people. Currently, his involvement also covers increasingly more insight into the Sales processes of the Pentalog Group.