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Daniel Radu

Customer Success Manager

About Daniel Radu

Daniel is a technology enthusiast who believes in strong partnerships, Agile thinking, leadership, and growth with meaning.  

His career in Pentalog started in 2006, as a Developer. From that point on, Daniel continued to evolve, taking advantage of the possibility to access project rotation. This allowed him to work with different clients in different business domains and teams, which made an important contribution to his growth.  

Daniel’s natural evolution from Team Leader to Scrum Master, and later to the roles of Agile Coach and Project Director, led to his designation as Engineering and Practices Manager, in January 2017. In this position, he focused on fostering a tech-savvy environment that encouraged excellence, agility, continuous improvement, and team synergy. He also ensured that IT governance policies were implemented, and that technology-related decision-making was aligned with the industry’s best practices. Daniel’s role also involved managing the skills and learning paths for more than 200 employees working in the Brasov office.
In February 2022, he was appointed Customer Success Manager at Pentalog’s Brasov branch in Romania. Drawing on his extensive experience in leadership and management roles, Daniel is currently on a mission that involves managing 310+ specialists in IT and various other fields. He supports the career growth of his colleagues, making sure that their talent and skills add value for themselves, for customers, for the projects they work on, and for the communities where they work.