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Mihai Burlac

Engineering Manager

About Mihai Burlac

Mihai is an Engineering Manager who possesses a fervent dedication to achieving impeccable product development and fostering continuous learning. With a rich background in development, project management, agile coaching, and governance, he thrives in collaborating directly with clients to provide training, coaching, and due diligence consultancy. Mihai’s expertise extends to nurturing and expanding various international projects and startups.

Mihai is a forward-thinking visionary who consistently embraces cutting-edge technologies and serves as an outstanding mentor for production teams. With over 15 years of experience and a robust IT foundation, he has successfully delivered projects across eCommerce, B2C, and B2B sectors. His professionalism shines through in his ability to orchestrate seamless Agile transformations and empower clients to enhance their organizational structure while elevating project and product visibility and predictability.

Mihai is the individual who ensures the optimization of your organization’s potential and maximizes its impactful outcomes.