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Mihai Burlac

Engineering Manager

About Mihai Burlac

Passionate about flawless product creation and continuous learning, Mihai is an Engineering Manager with experience in development, project management, agile coaching, and governance. He excels in working directly with clients providing training, coaching, and due diligence consultancy, and helping to build and scale various international projects and startups.

Mihai, a visionary who always works with the most current technologies and an excellent trainer for production teams, is the right person to accelerate a business. With a strong IT background and hundreds of projects in 10+ years for eCommerce, B2C, and B2B organizations, he is a professional who can ensure a successful Agile transformation and help clients to improve organisation, increase the visibility and predictability of projects/products.

Mihai is the person who guarantees the leveraging of the product and its impact maximizing.