Competence centers, once reserved for ERP applications, have extended today to all complex business applications. A genuine interface between business lines and technical departments, the competence center takes on project management, documentation management, competence and knowledge management.


The idea behind a competence center is to have an entirely dedicated entity for meeting the following objectives :

  • Maintaining and providing upgrades for a strategic business application
  • Sharing business and information resources: expertise guarantee
  • Maintaining (functional, document-related etc.) knowledge: continuity guarantee
  • Maintaining and improving best practices: responsiveness guarantee
  • Cost control: the company becomes the client of the competence center and can control its IT budget
  • Controlling urbanization

Thanks to its experience in outsourcing projects, Pentalog can help you organize and set up your competence center. When combined with our Nearshore or Offshore tariffs, the creation of a competence center becomes a genuine growth leverage for the company.

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