The industrialization of offshore and nearshore services combined with our 30 English-speaking banking specialists make Pentalog a genuine growth driver for banks at a time when global economic turmoil has profoundly changed the order of things. A major part of internal and external human resources of banks represents an important cost line that the outsourcing process allows them keep under control. Today, banking outsourcing has a strategic dimension in terms of performance and risk management. Our experience with major European banks includes organizing migration services, core banking maintenance, credit scoring, reporting, Web banking, Social networks.

Our banking expertise

  • merchant banking
  • credit
  • remote banking
  • telematics
  • risk management
  • all back office functions
  • customer relationship management

Our consultants train the development teams on commitment/credit, portfolio management, private management, risk control and management, integrated banking systems, digitization and trading rooms. Their approach is centered on the banking quality and legislation standards.

Our methodology

  • Kick-off mission: One or several business consultants take over the functional and technical component of the project. They draw a service quality plan describing development, maintenance, configuration, assistance or support activities.
  • Onsite or offsite operations: we develop our projects in complete transparency (presentation of KPIs in each steering committee) and by observing the commitments taken through the definition of SLAs.
  • Reversibility: the project manager defines an end of maintenance plan including the training of your teams and a precise planning for reinternalizing IT operations.

Our services

Pentalog helps you organizing and urbanizing your IT system with a view to facilitating application interoperability, back-office system mutualization and increasing IT system performance.

  • IT system functional architecture
  • Development or maintenance of specific applications: customized local, web or mobile applications in the most common languages in the field (Cobol, Java, .Net, PHP, objective C).
  • Migration of old applications towards new technologies (from Cobol to Java, for instance).
  • Integrating existing solutions (financial software packages)

Financial Software Development

  • Reporting: setting up data warehouses (ETL: Informatica Powercenter, Datastage, Sunopsis, Oracle databases, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server) and powerful reporting applications that allow to take fast decisions, using the tools recognized on the market (Business Objects, Hyperion, SAS).
  • E-banking: development of secure internet applications that can be accessed from a browser or a mobile phone.
  • Digitization: developing electronic document management software, digitization and secure payment solutions.
  • Technical assistance in project management, reporting solutions, complex business process coordination (migration, etc.), audits and consulting

Great Digital Products Aren’t Created By AccidentPentagility Means IT Excellence at Speed

Creating great software starts with a team infrastructure that breaks down silos, anticipates risks and communicates openly.
As an IT outsourcing provider, Pentalog equips teams with modular rules and dashboards, to ramp up, scale and pivot quickly, with minimal friction, maximum support and costs you control.
We call this toolkit Pentagility, an agile governance methodology for building trusted client relationships.


All services carried out in our offices are subject to strict security rules that guarantee the protection of your data and confidential information:

  • Access to all our offices is secured through a badge
  • Access to development workstations is secured through passwords, blocking of ports and input/output peripherals, encrypting data on storing supports
  • Network isolation in order to avoid intrusions
  • Restricted access to IT rooms
  • Redundant backup on several supports

All our teams are legally bound to observe the confidentiality of information. Depending on your needs, we can introduce specific contractual clauses.