Big Data

Big Data means Business Intelligence

Due to the global trend of digitization and the reduction of storage costs, the mass of heterogeneous data (Big Data) associated with a product or service offer, a brand, a company or a person has become increasingly large and more complex. Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of information are created every day which includes articles, videos, comments, web traffic, sales figures, the profile and activity of web-influencers as well as interactions between people, objects and connected entities with the Internet of Things.

Big Data

Within this mass of data lies intelligence, you just need to learn how to find it. The detection of significant connections, the management of real time exponential data, detailed data analysis and the ability to make predictions are all part of the new digital Business Intelligence skill set that allows a company to transform raw data into useful intel.

Managing your data to steer your future

Pentalog’s team of 20 consultants specialized in Big Data will help you manage the massive amount of data surrounding your activities to produce the business intelligence you need to steer your company forward. Our engineers will help you by:

  • Implementing new tools to explore previously untouched data
  • Reviewing and improving your data retrieval methods to increase time efficiency
  • Guiding you in the creation of a data lake to manage information

Overall our goal is to open you up the world of big data that surrounds you and then show you how to capture and transform it into business intelligence. This information can then be used to guide your company to success.

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