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#SWBlockChain: checked!


When? January 27-29 2017 Where? Caisse d’épargne Loire-Centre, in Orléans (France) Organizer? PENTALOG, of course! For quite some time now, Pentalog has been actively supporting events that bring together entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts passionate about the latest technologies. Either they have a technical, design or business background, they are all there to put their ideas to the test. See how one can wisely choose their partners, build a minimum viable product and finally launch their own startup. Sounds great, doesn’t it? People ...
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Partying at Pentalog, celebrating another good year

pentalog christmas party

Christmas parties are all about beautiful people enjoying each other’s company in a relaxed Christmas mood after a year of both hard work and accomplishments. At Pentalog, Christmas parties are a bit more than that. With offices spread over three continents, people obviously share different cultures and lifestyles but are invisibly linked together by the same passion for the IT world. They are all members of a bigger family. At the end of each year, the company likes to throw ...
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Chisinau Startup Week 2016

chisinau startup week 2016

Holidays are coming and it’s time to celebrate! We are thrilled to congratulate our fellow Moldovan IT community on starting a new tradition in November: Chisinau Startup Week. During a five-day marathon, local entrepreneurs, startup founders and potential partners enjoyed this Techstars initiative in a relaxed atmosphere where they exchanged with local and international speakers on how to create, promote and make their startup a success. Of course Pentalog couldn’t have missed this amazing opportunity to contribute to the training of ...
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