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Ramp up the mobile team of your dreams in just 3 weeks and benefit from a 10% discount


Access Pentalog’s price list. Did you know that 99.6 % of new smartphones run Android or iOS? We already know that mobile design and developers are scarce resources and that ramping up an expert mobile team can be an annoying process. After a 2016 push for mobile, IT companies better brace themselves: the latest predictions show that 2017 is going to be the year of a mainstream adoption of mobile technologies, especially Android. So get ready! Since mobile computing has become the ...
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PentaBAR, an IT knowledge sharing event open to the entire IT community


As an eager promoter of IT excellence, Pentalog encourages the practice of IT knowledge sharing and continuous learning. Our resourceful Pentaguys are thirsty for knowledge and are always asking questions while at the same time being eager to share their knowledge with others. For all topics, knowledge sharing is one of the keys of the learning process. Hearing about a topic of interest, approaching it, discussing it with other colleagues and specialists in the field, and finally preaching about it is a ...
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Ecommerce: make sure your site is HTTPS secured


Summer is near… so all ecommerce merchants should prepare their websites and infrastructure for a sales blooming season. This means securing your clients’ sensitive data when making online payments and logging in to their accounts, for instance. HTTPS should be a top concern on all your projects. It is essential to comply with the latest security standards for web, mobile and hybrid apps. As everybody knows that less traffic means less business, security protocols should be implemented to both protect ...
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How #Blockchain will accelerate innovation: webinar replay

If you missed our latest Blockchain webinar on March 20th, don’t worry. You can always watch the replay and hear what our experts, Aymeric Libeau, IT consultant, and Aymen Chakhari, data scientist, have to say about the Blockchain technology and its potential to accelerate innovation and how it can contribute to the digital transformation process of your business: Things have changed a lot in the last 10 years and new requirements have emerged. As lots of personal data are ...
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#SWBlockChain: checked!


When? January 27-29 2017 Where? Caisse d’épargne Loire-Centre, in Orléans (France) Organizer? PENTALOG, of course! For quite some time now, Pentalog has been actively supporting events that bring together entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts passionate about the latest technologies. Either they have a technical, design or business background, they are all there to put their ideas to the test. See how one can wisely choose their partners, build a minimum viable product and finally launch their own startup. Sounds great, doesn’t it? People ...
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