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AngularJS or ReactJS: Choosing Between JavaScript Frameworks

AngularJS or ReactJS

Even with all of the information that is available online about AngularJS and ReactJS it is still difficult to decide which of these open-source JavaScript frameworks to use when developing a relevant project. In order to add to the discussion I interviewed two of Pentalog’s Front-End Developers who are actively working on projects using these frameworks. Laurentiu has been part of the team working on Aktan’s service design platform for more than 2 years and has gained a lot of experience in using AngularJS ...

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A Human Solution to Cyber Security

Like you and everyone else in an office, I’m using a laptop to get my work done. It was given to me on my first day at the office and I had to set my password and log in to a hundred different programs to set everything up. When I was asked to change my password three months later I heard that a massive cyber-attack had spread across Europe (this was June 2017) and only a few weeks after this ...

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5 tips for recruiting talented IT specialists

It’s not easy to find talented IT specialists as competition over high level IT profiles is fierce. If you want to recruit the best profiles for your company you need to keep on top of things by staying informed while constantly improving your brand’s reputation. Below I am going to give you 5 detailed tips on how to attract the best IT talent. 1) Encourage and follow up on referrals Highly-skilled individuals who also have excellent relationships with clients and colleagues are hunted ...

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Virtual Reality – the start of the next computing revolution


Surely you’ve played a video game that felt so real that you wanted to pinch yourself. Or maybe you’ve watched the birth of a tornado on a meteor website just for fun. If you’re really lucky, you’ve probably even developed virtual reality applications for PCs, consoles or mobile devices. Specialists say that virtual reality is the next big thing in the tech field and there are many reasons why important companies all over the word invest heavily in web VR ...

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SmartOffice Hackathon – fostering knowledge sharing and innovation


Pentalog’s Chisinau delivery center has recently organized a SmartOffice Hackathon that challenged our employees to come up with ideas for improving life at the office by technical means such as building web / mobile applications or inventing automated processes, robots, sensors or other kinds or artificial intelligence. Pentaguys, putting ingeniosity at work for SmartOffice Hackathon in Pentalog Chisinau After a three-week process, the designated jury decided to reward the team who came up with the idea of implementing a quick and easy ...

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