DevOps: what are the trends to follow in 2022?

In this eBook, Guillaume Pousseo, Head of Customer DevOps Services at Pentalog, presents 7 trends to help companies in their DevOps strategies.

DevOps Trends Ebook

Why care about DevOps trends?

The massive digitization of so many activities – from work to leisure and education – forces companies to adapt continuously.

To meet the new needs of their users, more and more companies are turning to DevOps: a term that covers a culture, tools, and a method, and whose objective is to accelerate development and production, and to make the infrastructure more reliable and resilient.

Working from a broad spectrum of analyses, our DevOps expert has identified 7 trends to help companies refine their DevOps strategy.

What Cloud strategy are companies applying? Which supplier do they choose? Which container orchestration solution do they choose – and why?

The answers can be found in the eBook, available for free download.

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