Clean Code, Two Decades Later

Understanding the challenges of building modern applications

Clean Code Victor Rentea

About this eBook

Robert C. Martin’s handbook on Clean Code principles is, without a doubt, the pillar of software development. But is ‘Uncle Bob’s’ guide still relevant 20 years later, as everyday changes bring about modern app-building challenges?

You will find the answer to this question – and more – in a specially curated eBook created by Java Champion Victor Rentea, following his popular PentaBAR series on clean code.

This eBook, specially designed for enthusiast developers, combines insights on the principles and patterns that are most impactful for daily coding, with clean coding examples, to create a compelling 50-plus-page material for modern-day coders.

The electronic paper covers the following topics:

  • Managing divergent code
  • Discovering abstractions
  • Immutability in practice
  • Protecting the domain

The document does not cover basic topics, so previous contact with Clean Code principles is essential.

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Victor Rentea is a Technical Trainer & Consultant and a Java Champion with 20+ years of experience in software development. To share his passion for Clean Code and Unit Testing, he founded Bucharest Software Craftmanship Community, one of the largest communities of developers in Romania.

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