Energy / Automation

Current energy networks (electricity, gas, water) and home automation are rapidly growing in order to keep up with the consumers’ diversity of needs, be they industrial consumers, companies or private individuals :

  • Increasing the number of devices which are becoming more and more intelligent (alarm, security, environment control, geographic positioning etc.)
  • Increasing energy consumption which requires a more and more precise (and predictive) follow-up in order to control, optimize and reduce related costs
  • Emergence of electric vehicles
  • Decentralization of electric power production related to the integration of renewable sources: wind power, solar panels etc.

These are all challenges which represent a genuine field of innovation and industrial applications. The purpose is to design the equipment of tomorrow that will bring flexibility and efficiency to networks (smart grid), from sensors (index, detector, temperature, humidity, GPS, badge reader etc.) to concentrators/gateways, information systems (networks, database, follow-up and management applications) without forgetting the restoration of information to the end user (remote management, follow-up/BI).

Our expertise

Pentalog provides services along the entire network, from production to use, supervision and management :

  • Information gathering

Counting (Metering): decoding meter indexes (electricity, gas, water etc.)

Sensors: information encoding and transmission

Alarms: decoding meter and sensor alarms for local action or for transmitting information

  • Information Transmission

Developing sensor and gateway firmware

Developing gateway-type local applications

Encoding/decoding frames: Wavenis, GSM etc.

  • Information operations

Alarm follow-up and processing

Sensor management

Subscription management


Business Intelligence: consumption follow-up, Forecast, widgets etc.

  • Related services

Testing end-to-end chain solutions

Energy Automation

Our approach

The Pentalog approach relies both on our experience in developing IT and electronic solutions and on the business competences of our specialists.

After a first phase when one of our consultants learns the specifics of your project on your premises, we will define your requirement together in order to determine which solution will be more suitable to your needs. Our consultant will then be capable of turning you towards a market solution by offering a comparative study based on your requirements or a specific development in case there is no solution that covers all of your needs.

Whatever the chosen solution may be, we can offer to develop it (configuration of the chosen solution or development from scratch) in our competence centre.

Our services

Pentalog takes over most projects depending on your needs and the level of maturity of your project.

  • Assistance in writing the expression of needs

Defining the need is undoubtedly the most important step of an IT and electronic project. For different reasons, end users are not always capable of providing a clear and accurate expression of their needs. This is why our consultants will contribute their entire know-how in order to assist you in writing this particularly important document.

  • Writing the specifications

When users have expressed their functional needs, it is essential to write them in a programming language and translate them into electronic requirements in order to determine the best technical solution to be used. Pentalog can take over this step, thus preventing you from wasting considerable time searching for a tool.

  • Developing frame coding and decoding interfaces (IP, Wavenis, GSM etc.) by integrating the data transmitted by communicating equipment

In order to communicate with the information system, each device and sensor uses a specific communication protocol. The gateway/concentrator must be capable of transmitting this information to the information system which must decode the frame in order to use the information, either for reporting purposes, or for reacting and transmitting back orders (heat regulation, alert processing, billing etc.)

  • Development of interfaces for ensuring communication with other application software

Ensuring communication between elements that are sometimes heterogeneous is one of the fields that Pentalog excels at. Our experience in the field enables us to have the necessary perspective for offering the most suitable solution. Our employees who are specialized in embedded development can also work on a project by implementing lower level solutions.

  • Development of management solutions for energy networks and home automation equipment

With the increase in the number of devices and sensors communicating between themselves and with the information systems, the supervision and management of these networks is becoming more and more critical. Our consultants and our teams have the necessary knowledge and experience on all network levels, both in terms of hardware and protocols and software (which may be embedded or not), for offering the best options in terms of architecture and solutions in order to manage the use of energy and home automation equipment (alarms, environment control, geographic positioning etc.).

  • Setting up a BI (Business Intelligence) platform

Providing reports with the registered time and hours to the decision maker and ensuring the quality and relevance of the information specified in these reports is very important for enabling him/her to make the best decision. Depending on the data gathered, our consultants can set up forecast systems in order to optimize and reduce consumption and, therefore, costs. Decision makers can thus think of business rules that our consultants can implement in order to enable automated actions, thus diminishing response times.

  • Testing and maintaining solutions, either partially or end-to-end

The solutions that you offer use numerous software and hardware components that need advanced integration tests, rigorous non-regression tests and faster and faster validation tests. All this by offering a support that is accessible and available for your users in order to quickly provide corrective, or even upgradeable patches. Thanks to our international centres (extended working time interval with a possibility of working non-stop), and our knowledge in the IT and electronics fields, our teams can take on the testing and maintenance of both your software and hardware solutions.

Great Digital Products Aren’t Created By AccidentPentagility Means IT Excellence at Speed

Creating great software starts with a team infrastructure that breaks down silos, anticipates risks and communicates openly.
As an IT outsourcing provider, Pentalog equips teams with modular rules and dashboards, to ramp up, scale and pivot quickly, with minimal friction, maximum support and costs you control.
We call this toolkit Pentagility, an agile governance methodology for building trusted client relationships.

Our experience

Pentalog has several years of experience in the energy (metering) and home automation fields by collaborating with several major companies in these sectors. We have provided services at different network levels in order to help our customers (producers, industrialists, service providers, administrators, operators etc.) implement high-performance solutions with a view to increasing their productivity and reducing their “time to market”

  • Developing and maintaining a smart grid supervision application
  • Firmware maintenance (sensors, gateways)
  • Developing mobile applications in order to :

Manage sensors

Monitor consumption

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