Healthcare and Medical Software Development

Health & Social Care

Offering information systems that provide an overall vision, favouring the sharing of information on social networks, securing communication exchanges and reducing paperwork or making it easier, these are the objectives that Pentalog can help you meet. By consolidating the maximum amount of information, we can help you set up simple and flexible management, follow-up and control tools allowing to meet legal requirements and cope with regular upgrades in the healthcare and social fields.

We carry out activities mainly in the fields related to human resources in a broad sense, and in specific healthcare sectors in which we have a recognized experience.

Our abilities to understand your needs and learn your business make Pentalog a real partner for defining, carrying out and implementing your projects.

Our expertise

Pentalog offers services at different levels in the healthcare and social field by relying on the experience gained by its employees during different projects and through their initial training, and who currently bring together a pool of competencies in the field:


  • Human resources
    • European and Asian Payroll management
    • Wage bill management and projections for several countries: holiday funds, working time reduction, bonuses etc.
    • Management of reimbursements of expenses incurred
    • Automatic processing of leave or absence requests
  • Retirement
    • Creating and industrializing a client extranet for several bodies
    • Migrating proprietary frameworks
    • Developing back-office applications for call centres
  • Social contributions
    • Managing professional background
    • Settling management
    • Calculating the benefits of the insured


  • Optics
    • Assembly line management
    • Computerized data exchanges with the bodies (EDIFACT standard)
    • Catalog management (OPTO standard)
  • Medical simulation
    • Developing simulators of cost assessmen

Thanks to our development expertise on smartphones and other mobile devices, we can make most of your business features accessible on these devices. Visit our mobility page for more information.

Medical Software Development

Our approach

Pentalog’s approach relies both on our experience in developing IT solutions and on the business competencies of our specialized employees. The needs in the healthcare and social fields are often almost identical among the different players in the sector; this is why we have chosen tools and methods whose developed elements can easily be reused, which enables us to provide our customers with solutions at the fairest price.

Therefore, we are offering two approaches in terms of organization depending on the size and duration of your project:

Setting up a competence centre

This approach is particularly adapted for large-sized projects for which you want Pentalog to take over the entire life cycle of the project, including maintenance. We set up a structure and a team of specialists in the field who will help you make the most appropriate choices at the fairest price

Setting up a dedicated team

The dedicated team is perfectly adapted for smaller projects or for extending the customer’s team. Pentalog’s dedicated team adopts the same development practices as the customer by working remotely on the same servers.

As regards solution architecture, we prefer OpenSource tools, especially for developing portals and B2B sites, and specific developments based on the latest frameworks for all business core applications. Our experts can also provide you with advice on the most adapted architectures according to:

  • data volume
  • the number of concurrent accesses to the application or the site
  • the security level to be implemented
  • the scalability of your solution

Our services

Besides offering fixed-price or dedicated team projects, our ambition is to build a true partnership with sector giants, but also with SMEs, by offering to set up a competence centre in order to bring together experts in the healthcare/social field and reduce production costs for their software by industrializing and pooling resources.

We take on most IT projects depending on your needs:

Because it is important to have people capable of speaking the same language as you and of providing you with help and guidance on the most appropriate choices, Pentalog sets up competence centres (or virtual offices) which are designed to ensure the entire software production chain.

  • Assistance in writing the expression of needs

The definition of needs is undoubtedly the most important step of an IT development project. Due to different reasons, end users are not always capable of providing a clear and precise expression of their needs. This is why our consultants can contribute their entire know-how in order to help you write this particularly important document.

  • Writing the specifications

After users have expressed their functional needs, it is essential to put them into a programming language in order to find the best technical solution to be used. Pentalog can take on this step, thus preventing you from wasting considerable time looking for a tool.

  • Providing consultancy and integrating an OpenSource solution

Thanks to its technological watch service, Pentalog’s technical department is constantly looking out for all OpenSource solutions that are made available to companies and bodies. This asset enables us to always be up to date on the available software and to provide our customers with the solutions that best meets their needs.
Moreover, our experience allows us to offer you advice on the frameworks that are the most popular and best suit your needs in order to avoid bearing unnecessary costs.

  • Developing (batch) interfaces in order to ensure information exchanges with administrations, your B2B partners etc.
  • Application and infrastructure management

Maintaining a high level of availability, ensuring data security, constantly monitoring the status of IT resources: these are a few essential points on which Pentalog can help you ensure the best quality for your infrastructure.

Great Digital Products Aren’t Created By AccidentPentagility Means IT Excellence at Speed

Creating great software starts with a team infrastructure that breaks down silos, anticipates risks and communicates openly.
As an IT outsourcing provider, Pentalog equips teams with modular rules and dashboards, to ramp up, scale and pivot quickly, with minimal friction, maximum support and costs you control.
We call this toolkit Pentagility, an agile governance methodology for building trusted client relationships.

Mastered tools

  • Programming languages
  • Databases: DB2, Oracle
  • CMS: Typo3, Joomla
  • Versioning: ClearCase
  • Specific frameworks: Lido
  • Standards: EDI Optique, PRICAT OPTO protocol (catalog exchange), EDIFACT (data exchanges with the administration)

Our experience

By collaborating with specialized companies in the private sector, but also with major administrations, Pentalog has acquired an experience in the healthcare and social field enabling it to position itself today as major player in the field of offshore and nearshore services.

For instance, Pentalog has developed projects in the optics field, more precisely for a company specializing in this field, in order to develop a software solution capable of managing the entire optics assembly line as well as the points of sale and the electronic transmission of information covering the entire sales process.

In addition, we have carried out projects for several important groups in the pension field in order to develop portal sites designed to be consulted and updated, and destined for partners, based on OpenSource CMS solutions and specific developments.

Finally, Pentalog’s teams participated in the implementation of solutions designed to calculate rights and manage careers as part of projects developed for social bodies.

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