Pentalog’s Business Model: Full Stack I.T. Services Platform

Pentalog’s business model focuses on providing a full IT Services Platform that covers the entire scope of digital challenges a company of any size might face.


We are committed to supporting our clients 100% at every step of the software development process, information systems operation, and maintenance throughout the entire solution lifecycle.


Our platform is ready to tackle all challenges, including IT recruitment, software development, digital marketing, finance and even consulting advice on a number of different digital topics. 

Pentalog's Business Model

Our 1,000 full time employees work as a unit to deliver the full potential of the Pentalog Platform’s various services. Here we will break down every level of the platform to give you a better idea of what we do for our clients.



Skillvalue, the HR-based foundation of our platform, handles IT recruitment and skill testing. 


From our talent pool of over 300,000 IT professionals (most of whom have been assessed using our platform) we will handpick freelancer and employee profiles that best fit your requirements using criteria such as skillset, experience, language and proximity. 


Skillvalue uses disruptive recruitment methods such as hackathons, competitive testing and online events to distill the best talent in the tech community for your project, making recruitment a quick and painless process. 

The Pentalog Software Factory

The Pentalog Software Factory takes care of software development, I.T. consulting and cloud computing. Our 850 IT full time engineers, (all of whom are English speakers ) are experts in the most relevant and cutting edge tech fields. 


Pentalog will supply the talent you need for any type of project (web, mobile, IOT, etc.) and launch your project in 2 weeks’ time. Organized around Agile methodologies, we ensure customer satisfaction through high-quality deliveries. Our engineers operate out of our delivery centers spread throughout Eastern Europe, Asia and South America ensuring  a maximum time difference of 4 hrs between our clients and employees and at least 4 hrs of common working time a day. 


RevSquare is an international agency that helps clients create personalized user experiences that drive business growth. By applying lean product development, design thinking, agile methodology and growth hacking, they transform your vision into high performance campaigns and customer-centric products. 


RevSquare is a team of analysts, creatives, strategists, engineers, storytellers and designers dedicated to injecting your UI/UX, Marketing Automation, or Digital Advertising with a dose of agility – whether holistically or in a specific aspect of your business.



Pentalabbs operates as our armed financial wing, offering services especially appealing to startups. Our “IT for Equity” concept enables us to provide the technological and human resources of the Pentalog Platform in exchange for shares in your company. We can build your tech team, offer consulting services, ramp up your project and help you launch it.


In addition, Pentalabbs will plug you into our network of 300+ startups who may be looking for partnerships or services.


As a Venture Capitalist who is both emotionally and financially invested in your company, your success is our success. 

A Full-Stack Digital Offer

In short, Pentalog is a global full-stack IT service platform designed to support digital and tech businesses throughout their product lifecycle: design, development, marketing, and funding. Our one-stop-shop provides you access to the best resources in the world, giving your company a competitive edge and a potential cost savings of up to 40%.


We leverage 3 types of flexible engagement models to support all of your short and long-term objectives: outsourcing, recruitment and freelancing. We help you craft sustainable strategies that accelerate growth and drive performance.


We rely on 25 years of world-wide experience in IT outsourcing, a global team of 1,000 full-time employed IT engineers + 50 consultants, and a talent pool of 300,000 profiles to set up your team and launch your project within 4 weeks.


Find out more about how we can help grow your company and contact us today!


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