Pentalog business model: design, build, run

The Pentalog Platform service offer aims at covering the whole scope of IT issues of companies, whatever their size, location and business. We commit to support our clients to 100% at all levels in software development and information systems operation and maintenance all along their solution lifecycle, and at all levels in digital marketing, recruitment and funding all along their growth lifecycle.

Pentalog Business Model IT Outsourcing

In the DESIGN phase, the Pentalog Platform comes with high-end multi-shore consulting services at lower costs (30 to 50% cut in consulting rates), performed by technical experts (architecture, technology choices, etc.), business analysts (banking, telecom, e-commerce, supply chain, etc.), ergonomics and management experts. They are based in several locations, and can assist you either remotely or onsite, along with the needs and complexity level of your project.


During the BUILD phase, offshore / nearshore outsourcing and specific recruitment services meet the need for qualified, flexible human resources. Our dozen of consulting offices and delivery centers in Europe (Orléans, Frankfurt, Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, Brasov, Chisinau), Asia (Hanoi) and Americas (Boston, Montevideo) help our clients develop cost-effective solutions: software, web-based business platforms, electronic products as well as digital marketing and recruitment tools to reduce time-to-market and enhance competitiveness.


multi-shore consulting



In the RUN phase, cloud computing brings a continuous delivery framework and a powerful live platform allowing for optimized provision of IT resources to operate software solutions or web platforms, at the best price and quality levels, under the best security conditions. On the other hand, the Platform provides young tech startups with a growth framework associated with funding opportunities through Pentalabbs.



Download Pentalog price list!

Download Pentalog price list!

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