Marketing automation

A tool to accelerate growth

marketing automation

Marketing automation is a tool to accelerate growth. It helps improve lead nurturing, engagement, conversions, and customer loyalty. A marketing automation platform like Marketo can be used to promote your products and services with more power and flexibility.

This helps you build long-lasting, personalized customer relationships. Using tracking and scoring of users, you can automatically share personalized content and targeted messages across different channels. Synchronization with your CRM tool or with your e-commerce site back office facilitates collaboration between marketing and sales.

Upgrade to marketing automation with the Pentalog Growth Factory

We can help you further your digital strategy by upgrading to marketing automation. We help your data, marketing, sales, and IT teams learn to use Marketo, with the following goals:

  • reduce the costs of marketing operations
  • facilitate A/B testing of new offers, campaigns, and landing pages
  • improve the user experience, lead generation, and prospective customer management
  • get your contacts to learn more about your products and services
  • enhance your data and synchronize it with your information system

Strategic and technical support

We get to know your offerings and your sales goals. We offer different forms of engagement and user experiences to fit different users. We check that your content properly matches your targets. We most notably help you to:

  • migrate data
  • synchronize your marketing/sales applications with the Marketo API
  • implement newsletter templates and modular landing pages
  • create personalized reports for analyzing your marketing campaigns

Do you need help upgrading to Marketo?

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